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Four types of E-CutOut kit:

1.Regular Electric Exhaust Cutout - The most basic, the most purchased model, can be welded or installed with clamps.

2.Be-Cut Pipe Exhaust Cutout - No need to cut the original exhaust pipe. 

3.Vacuum Exhaust Cutout - Waterproof and long life.

4.ONE-PIECE Exhaust Cutout - The complete kit saves assembly time. The exhaust port is thickened to control the opening angle.

 Battery Type:

  • CR2016 *2   or   CR2032 *1

Many Youtubers have shared their feelings about Spelab exhaust cutouts:

Installation and test from Carter Maneki
Unboxing from Frostbite Ram
Installation and test from Frostbite Ram
Unboxing, installtion and test from SniderTron 3000
Installation and test from LsxMatt
Unboxing, installtion and test from BoostedMotorsports
Unboxing, installtion and test from Tall Dude Woke

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Showing: 1 - 20 of 46

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