Author: SPELAB Mechanical Engineer (focusing on car modification for 10 years)

SPELAB Exhaust Cutout Kit installed on Dodge Charger 392:

Exhaust Cutout Blog starts:

First of all, in terms of automobile exhaust, exhaust cutout plays the role of the best of both worlds.

The louder and higher-pitched exhaust sound makes us more excited. When you need a louder exhaust sound, you only need to press the switch, and the exhaust cutout can be done. And when you need to pass quietly and low-key, the same switch will be pressed, and the exhaust cutout will bring you the quietness and lowness you need at any time.

The significance of the existence of exhaust cutout : You will need a louder exhaust sound for some time.

 As a feature of automobile exhaust emission device and installed under the car, exhaust cutout is necessary for its durability. Except for the installation of about three hours for the first time, we do not want to spend time on maintaining and repairing the exhaust cutout, so the material and quality of the exhaust cutout must be reliable.

SPELAB Exhaust Cutout  Quality Assurance:
1. The material of the exhaust pipe is 304 stainless steel
2. The material of the exhaust elbow is carbon steel surface plating
3. The material of the exhaust unit valve is 304 stainless steel + aluminum alloy
4. The single internal motor gear is made of powder alchemy
5. Thickened exhaust port
6. Reinforcement of valve bolts

Here is a video that perfectly reflects the quality of SPELAB products and how individual parts are assembled into an exhaust cutout as a whole.

Exhaust Cutout System - SPELAB Customer Installation Example:Nissan 350Z

Exhaust Cutout - SPELAB Customer Installation Effect Reviews


The exhaust cutout is installed between the header and the muffler in the exhaust system. When the electronic shut-off valve is closed, the exhaust gas of the vehicle is discharged from the exhaust pipe through the muffler. But when you open the exhaust cutout valve, most of the exhaust and exhaust noise will bypass the muffler and be exhausted through the Y-tube, bringing a loud sound.

There are two ways to install the exhaust cutout : welding and clamp fixing. Choose your own installation method according to the type of exhaust cutout. This SPELAB customer uses welding.

 Exhaust Cutout - SPELAB Customer Installation Effect Reviews


 Here, you can see the amount of space required for all components. The flapper valve and the motor are connected to the Y-shaped pipe by a three-bolt flange. The valve itself has some built-in swing space in the bolt hole to make some fine adjustments to the angle after installation.

Exhaust Cutout - SPELAB Customer Installation Effect Reviews


 Whether the chassis can be installed at a very low height is also a problem that many people worry about. This SPELAB customer’s car is a 350Z, and the chassis height is lower than that of a family car, which proves that the general height chassis can be equipped with exhaust cutout. Because the elbow of the SPELAB exhaust cutout is very short, this issue was taken into consideration in the design.

 Exhaust Cutout - SPELAB Customer Installation Effect Reviews

 The control module of the exhaust cutout motor can be placed anywhere in the vehicle, and the power supply of the controller can be directly connected to the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. (Note: The fuse in the plug of the SPELAB integrated exhaust cutout cigarette lighter needs 10A)

From the perspective of under the chassis, the visual effect is very shocking when looking at the underside of the vehicle where the exhaust cutout is installed.
This exhaust cutout, which plays the role of the best of both worlds, seems to have no sense of violation in the chassis exhaust pipe. It feels that the exhaust system equipped with SPELAB exhaust cutout is like a complete exhaust system.

Exhaust Cutout - SPELAB Customer Installation Effect Reviews


SPELAB Exhaust Cutout Kit installed on Mustang GT


SPELAB Exhaust Cutout Kit installed on 1948 Chevrolet 3800



SPELAB Exhaust Cutout Kit installed on Camaro SS


 SPELAB Exhaust Cutout Kit installed on 2022 Honda Civic


Youtube network celebrity  unboxing + installation + use  SPELAB exhaust cutout whole process video:

SPELAB Exhaust Cutout Kit :: Product Details


  • Greg norton

    Does anyone know where I can get a egr delete kit for a ram promaster 2500 eco diesel? Been looking and can’t find one,thanks guys!

  • robert

    on the 3" cut outs how big is the butterfly port? is it’s port 3" or smaller?

  • Bill McKnight

    I have a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.7 Hemi, any idea what kit number I would need. It is stock.


  • Todd Blatnik

    Hey guys. I installed the kit and have even had each side wired to be able to open one side at a time. It’s still a lil aggressive do you have any ideas on how to quiet it a little bit?

  • Todd Blatnik

    I think I jumped the gun. I got so excited about finding these that I checked pipes for size and ordered. My Chrysler is dual exhaust so I probably don’t have the right kit.

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