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SPELAB Exhaust Cutout Sound Test Video Clips

What Are Exhaust Cutouts?

The exhaust cutout is a short Y pipe placed in the exhaust system between the manifold/header and the silencer. One end of "Y" is connected to the exhaust system, and the other end is connected with a plate or valve. When the plate is sealed or the valve is closed, the exhaust sounds like before installation. However, when the plate is removed or the valve is opened, the exhaust is transferred from the opening rather than through the rest of the exhaust. This produces a louder sound and improved engine power and performance. The exhaust cutout valve can also be hard-wired, with cable operators, or electric, with remote control. 


How Do Exhaust Cutouts Work?

The exhaust cutout opens and closes the valve by pressing the switch, so as to allow or block exhaust gases to exit at the cutout. 

The loud, deep and booming sound will surely make you feel proud of owning whatever vehicle you have. Whether you go racing or just for a joyride, everyone around you will know that your vehicle is a powerhouse. With SPELAB exhaust cutouts, you can simply switch between loud and quiet modes according to your needs. 1 second, you're putting along like normal then a second later you are screaming down the street roaring like a lion! 

Turn up the volume or put on headphones and enjoy the roaring exhaust sound!

SPELAB Electric Exhaust Cutout Install on 1948 Chevrolet 3800

SPELAB cutouts controlled using two ways, either with a manual switch that can be installed anywhere for easy access, and a better way is a wireless key fob that can overhaul your car’s performance by the click of a button.

Install on 2010 camaro 2SS

 Install on Ford Mustang GT

Install on Dodge Charger 392

Install on Honda Civic

Install on Dodge Ram 1500

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