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6.7 Powerstroke EGR and DPF Delete Benefits

Do you have trouble with EGR system or DPF system? Have you been considering an EGR or DPF delete? There are so many factors that can influence your decision that it becomes a hard decision to make. This is indeed a very confusing decision. However, you don't need to worry anymore.  Keep on reading, let us help you analyze the problem, it will definitely help you make up your mind.

What is an EGR Delete?
You may wonder what an EGR is in the first place and what an EGR delete means. It is a valve used to redirect all the gasses emitted from the exhaust back to the engine to reduce atmospheric emission and harmful pollutants. An EGR system has many benefits but might negatively affect the car, as taking exhaust back into the engine can’t be good for it. It causes multiple short-term and long-term effects. Thus, many people opt for getting this valve removed from their car body, which is termed as an EGR delete.


6.7 Powerstroke EGR Delete Benefits
Extend Engine Life. The EGR valve sends exhaust soot and ash back to the engine; this is bad for it in the long or short term. So removing EGR is a good idea to keep your engine healthier.
Better Fuel Mileage. Removing the EGR valve will restore your engine's efficiency and power levels. It also means you can improve fuel mileage as your engine performance is optimised due to the removal of exhaust soot and ash, helping the engine run cleaner.
Reduce the Temperature. As the soot clogs the valve, the exhaust gas circulates through the system, thereby raising the temperature around the system. When you remove the valve, it automatically solves the problem.
Easy to Install EGR Delete Kit. Not only is its installation easy but also cost-effective. There are kits readily available which help achieve the purpose. Choose your model and click the link to learn more.
2011-2019 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke EGR Cooler Delete Kit
2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke EGR Cooler Delete Kit
2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke EGR Cooler Delete Kit

EGR Delete FAQ
Does EGR Delete Increase Horsepower?
Yes, it does. An EGR delete can be beneficial in many ways. However, one of the major ways it is great for your vehicle is that it improves the fuel economy, increases horsepower, and gives you better mileage. These are all benefits that arise from getting optimized engine performance.
Is an EGR Delete Illegal?
Yes, getting an EGR deletion is illegal in all states. Mostly for streetcars, it is not allowed to get an EGR deletion. However, it is allowed for off-road trucks. The reason for such strict regulations is to protect the atmosphere from harmful pollutants.
Do You Need a Tuner for EGR Delete?
Yes, you absolutely need a tuner to ensure that the kit has carefully removed the EGR valve without harming the sensors holding them. It isn’t necessary for the removal process but more so for the vehicle’s security.

What is a DPF Delete?
Most post-2007 diesel vehicles are fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) for emissions reasons. This is a device installed in the exhaust to trap soot and ash from diesel engines.
The DPF delete is the process of removing the filter. The reason why this process is considered by many people is that a DPF device ends up being high-maintenance and if it breaks down or runs into a problem, the repairs are extremely expensive.6-7-factory-dpf-vs-dpf-delete-kit-pipe

6.7 Powerstroke DPF Delete Benefits
No More Maintenance. It removes the need to service the DPF at regular intervals (cleaning, replacement)
Save a ton of money on diesel repairs. If at any point your DPF gets blocked, it might cause serious problems for you. A DPF blockage isn’t a rare sight but happens often and ends up costing a lot of money to replace.
Better Fuel Economy. Getting a DPF deletion could be your best bet as it will help you get better fuel economy by allowing you to switch to more economic engine oils.
Better Performance. Due to less exhaust backpressure, the DPF delete increases exhaust flow and therefore increases the performance of your motor!
Paired with an ECU remap, the DPF delete is proven to increase power and torque for all vehicles.

DPF Delete FAQ
Can I Delete My DPF Without a Tuner?
No, the process cannot be performed without a tuner. Along with other materials, a diesel tuner is needed to ensure that the sensor carrying your truck’s DPF regeneration is unaffected by the entire process. It's not recommended at all to carry on with the process without a tuner, as it might end up causing problems for you.
Does DPF Removal Improve Performance?
Yes, it does improve the overall performance of the vehicle. It helps with many aspects, including giving better fuel mileage and showing improved engine performance. It is noted that the vehicle runs smoother and the engine works more efficiently. Furthermore, the process is easy to perform and better for your pocket in the long run. More so, DPF removal relieves you of the constant maintenance it requires.

Hopefully, by now, you will have made up your mind on whether you want to get a DPF or EGR deletion. Or, at the very least, there you have some clarity on what you have to do. This article was aimed at giving you all the information on the matter so you can make up your own mind.

A major aspect to consider when you think about getting this process done is the legalities behind it. It is only allowed for off-road trucks and not other vehicles. It is better to look into the matter, check on the rules and regulations of your state, and then decide whether to go further with it to avoid any future inconveniences.

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