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SPELAB EGR Delete Kit for 6.7L Cummins instructions-1
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How To: Install EGR Delete STEP BY STEP


  1. Disconnect both batteries' negative cables.
  2. Remove the passenger side inner fender liner.
  3. Drain coolant from the radiator's lower corner (right side).
  4. Take out the intake assembly.
  5. If you face difficulties during disassembly, seek help from a certified diesel performance shop.

Installation Steps:

  1. Remove the EGR's hot side pipe heat shield and disconnect it from the EGR valve and cooler.
  2. Take off the turbo intake horn and PCV hose.
  3. Loosen and remove the bolts securing the turbo intake horn.
  4. Remove the small aluminum coolant line assembly connected to the Y-bridge.
  5. Detach the plastic intercooler pipe from the Y-bridge.
  6. Disconnect the wire harness from the Y-bridge and throttle blade.
  7. Unbolt the AC compressor and release tension from the serpentine belt.
  8. Remove the compressor's bale connector bracket.
  9. Take out the bolts securing the AC compressor.
  10. Remove the bolts holding the Y-bridge to the intake runners.
  11. Remove the heat shield from the shorter EGR hot side pipe.
  12. Disconnect all coolant hoses from the upper EGR valve and remove its bolts.
  13. Install the steel manifold block-off plate onto the exhaust manifold and torque bolts.
  14. Remove the large diameter steel coolant pipes from the thermostat crossover housing.
  15. Install the billet plug with O-ring into the thermostat housing's coolant port.
  16. Disconnect the small coolant line from the turbo to the EGR cooler.
  17. Remove the bolts holding the EGR cooler to the engine and take it out.
  18. Remove the aluminum coolant hardline on the passenger side.
  19. Install the 20" long, 5/8" hose assembly in place of the hardline.
  20. Connect the upper end of the new hose assembly to the heater core hose fitting.
  21. Disconnect the small rubber hoses at the Urea Injector and remove the hose/hardline assembly.
  22. Install the barbed plug into the rubber hose.
  23. Remove the turbocharger and SCR.

Final Steps:

  1. Reinstall the radiator coolant drain plug.
  2. Reinstall the intake assembly.
  3. Reinstall the fender liner.
  4. Start the truck and check for any leaks after idling for some time. You may need to top off coolant once or twice as the system burps air.


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