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How much to delete L5P?

How much to delete L5P?

  • Author: SPELAB Mechanical Engineer (focusing on car modification for 10 years)

What is L5P?

General Motors produces the L5P Duramax diesel engine for use in heavy-duty trucks. It is a 6.6-liter V8 engine with modern technology, including an updated turbocharger, better cylinder heads, and a new fuel injection system.

With up to 445 horsepower and 910 lb-ft of torque, the L5P Duramax engine is engineered to produce more power and torque than earlier Duramax engines.

Also, it complies with stringent emissions laws because of an exhaust gas recirculation system, diesel particle filter, and selective catalytic reduction system. Currently, the GMC Sierra HD and Chevrolet Silverado HD trucks offer the L5P Duramax.


EGR, DPF & SCR are used to cut back on harmful nitrogen emissions. Let's quickly review each of these actions.

A vehicle's Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) accomplishes the task for which it is named. EGR was developed by scientists to reduce hazardous emissions because bad environment is threat to every living species. Thus, to control on harmful emissions, we recirculate some of exhaust gases back through the intake manifold. 

How much to delete L5P

DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters) on the other hand, are used to reduce hazardous emissions. It collects and holds the soot and other particles produced by the combustion process of a diesel engine. The stored soot and particulate matter is continuously being burnt in the process of regeneration.

Lp5 engines also use the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system as an emissions control technique to cut back on the nitrogen oxides (NOx) that are discharged into the atmosphere. It operates by infusing a liquid reductant into the engine's exhaust system, often diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), which is urea-based. The NOx in the exhaust stream is reacted with by the DEF, turning it into water vapors and harmless nitrogen gas.

What does Duramax L5P Delete means?

Deleting L5P means deleting certain components of the exhaust system. The L5P delete process involves EGR delete and DPF delete. Going into the detail, the DPF delete involves, deleting the DPF, SCR and Diesel Exhaust Fluid. After physically we delete the components, we have to tune the vehicle to ensure that delete is successful.

Why perform L5P delete?

Using the technologies like EGR, DPF and SCR in L5P, we have minimized on harmful emissions, but it is to be mentioned that all this is at the sacrifice of engine performance and economy. Another, potential problem these new systems can lead us to is that, if a fault within these systems developed, it can be extremely expensive to fix or replace the offending component. Hence, in order to improve the performance, efficiency and maintenance of their vehicles, consumers eliminate all those operations. The benefits that a person experiences with his or her automobile after installing a deletion kit includes the following

How much to delete L5P

  1. Enhanced engine performance
  2. Improved acceleration and throttle response
  3. Enhanced fuel efficiency
  4. Improved turbocharger effectiveness and reliability
  5. Enhanced horsepower and torque
  6. Reduced maintenance expenses

Cost of Duramax L5P Delete

The Duramax L5P delete can range from $1500 - $4000. The several steps involved in performing L5P DPF and EGR delete, are given below with estimates for each step.

  1. Duramax DPF and EGR delete kit
  2. Tuner software

Duramax DPF and EGR Delete kit

Every emission component is installed between the downpipe and muffler. The DPF delete kit is basically a single pipe which replaces all those components and directly join the downpipe to the muffler. This part is easy to install, because you just need to bolt it on. Different types of pipes are available in around $300 - $700 price range. However, if you want to upgrade the entire exhaust system, its upto you and can cost you more than $1000.

On the other side, EGR can be obtained for an amount of around $300. Deleting an EGR is actually a bit trickier as compared to DPF delete and it is advised to consult an expert for the purpose.

Tuner software

It is both the most significant and costly step in the deletion process. Since a Duramax L5P deletion would not be successful without a competent tune, and not every tuner is qualified to tune a Duramax engine. You need one that can manage a deleted truck as a result.

How much to delete L5P

Many sensors that are networked and can instantly identify engine issues are part of an automobile's emission control system. The removal of DPF or EGR necessitates tuning since the Engine Control Unit (ECU) uses sensors in the exhaust system to control numerous things. The system will obviously malfunction if there is any alteration, and we will definitely be disappointed rather than see an improvement. Below is a list of the two best tuners for 6.7 Powerstroke deletion kits. The deletion tunes that are already preloaded on these tuners are easily applied at any time by changing the parameters.

  1. H&S Mini Max
  2. BullyDog BDX

Both of the above tuners can be provided for approximately 900 bucks.


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