The Introduction of Car Modified Parts

The brake system

There are many ways to upgrade the brake system, such as replacing a larger brake disc and multi-piston brake calipers and high-performance, high-temperature resistant brake pads, but also can be replaced by a higher grade of brake oil, or replace the metal material of high pressure brake tubing.Another way is to replace the larger size of the brake master pump to increase the auxiliary thrust of the brake pedal.To brake pads, basically can be divided into two categories, one is ordinary driving, operating temperature between 50 degrees to 450 degrees;The other is for racing cars, operating temperature from 250 degrees to 850 degrees, high temperature brake pads are not suitable for ordinary road use, because it does not achieve the desired braking effect before the operating temperature, easy to cause danger.

You can't have your cake and eat it, comfort and handling are rivals in themselves.One of the most important factors related to the stability of the vehicle is the suspension system.Most domestic car manufacturers in the market use soft shock absorbers to achieve a comfortable road feel under normal driving conditions.This kind of suspension should be enough for general driving, but it is not enough for intense driving, so the modification of vehicle suspension system is also very important.

The suspension system

The modification of suspension system can be divided into shock absorber, strengthening suspension structure rod, adding balance bar and so on.
One of the most influential and most widely modified projects is the shock absorber.The refit of the shock absorber is actually the shock absorber with hard damping, better quality and full coordination with the spring.Choosing the right set of shock absorbers is very important, and it is especially difficult to achieve a compromise between comfort and handling, but in a purely competitive car where handling is the core, a hard set of shock absorbers is certainly more practical for a modified car.
Family car modification should start from the actual needs, clear purpose after improvement as needed, not just a single imitation.Whether it is for luxury or comfort, or to improve the performance of the vehicle and compensate for the lack of functionality, it is always important to ensure the safety, passability and environmental protection of the vehicle.Tinkering is not fun, it's dangerous.


Engine power

The engine is to the car what the heart is to the person, the most important part of the whole car lies in this.Although the power output of an engine can be upgraded in many ways, such as changing the air-fuel ratio, expanding the forged piston, strengthening the connecting rod, changing the crankshaft, replacing the high-performance spark plug, etc.But the modification process is basically divided into improvement, exhaust, ignition system and so on.

Air intake system

The air filter on the engine is to filter the air needed for the operation of the engine. There are such devices on the gasoline engine. In the view of the player, the air filter installed on the original car seems to have insufficient air intake.So it's customary for car players to modify the air intake system.
The modified product is made of special chemical fibers. Its biggest advantage is that while filtering the air, the air flow and velocity into the combustion chamber are increased, so that the fuel is burned more fully, the unit efficiency is higher, and the engine performance is naturally different. The air filter used by the original car is a disposable product.The modified high-flow original air filter or mushroom head is made of high-quality materials, which can be cleaned and reused, and is more environmentally friendly.

Exhaust system

The exhaust gas will be discharged after the engine does work, and the exhaust efficiency is directly related to the efficiency of the engine.The original car design favored smaller engine sound, which affected the exhaust speed and reduced engine efficiency.While the intake is increased and the combustion is intact, the exhaust efficiency also needs to be strengthened.Now more changed to straight exhaust, that is, change the exhaust system, the front section, remove the muffler and other purification device, the exhaust process is shortened, the exhaust gas is discharged after simple treatment, the improved car will accelerate more quickly.The modified inline barrel will release ear-shattering sound waves when accelerating, but the total vibration should not be too large, otherwise driving for a long time will aggravate the driver's fatigue and irritability.

Oil supply system

The best air-fuel ratio of the engine is 14.7:1, but if you want to require higher engine output at high speed and high load, usually to increase the air-fuel ratio to 12:1~13:1.The refit of the oil supply system is to increase the amount of oil supply appropriately at the appropriate time, so that the air-fuel ratio becomes moderately large. Timely and appropriate amounts are also the basis for judging the merits and shortcomings of the oil supply system.The modification of injection oil supply system can be divided into two categories: hardware modification and software modification. The purpose of hardware modification is to increase the fuel supply per unit time.Change software mainly to change its oil supply, due to the original car fuel supply program is considered the exhaust control, fuel economy, operation stability and durability of the engine material setting, so on the power output performance, often cannot reach down to pay attention to the performance of the user's requirements, such as people's demand for high speed and high load performance,There is often a lack of oil supply, which depends on modifying software to achieve.

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