Where does your car noise come from?

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If a car is driven for too long, it will produce some car noise, which not only increases the fatigue of the driver and occupants, but also affects the driving safety. Therefore,If there is such a noise in your car, you should check is the following four parts at the first time.

Door noise

The door is used frequently in daily life. Every time you get on and off the door, you will always hear a "click" sound, makes owner curious and bored. Then how to decrease this sound? First ,check the door seal. If the door seal is broken or peeled off, it will definitely cause the noise .If the door seal is intact, you may check whether the door hinges are rusty. If the hinge is rusty, spray some rust remover on the hinge first, and then put some butter on the hinge.

The door is used frequently in daily life.

Gearbox noise

The gearbox of a car is an important part of the car. If the gearbox is malfunctioning or the parts are aging, it will also produce a lot of noise. First, check whether the gearbox oil is replaced on time. If it is not replaced on time, then Just change the gearbox oil.

Gearbox noise

Suspension system noise

If a car is older or has been driven for a long time, the suspension of the vehicle will have a squeaky sound or a squeaking sound in complex road conditions. These two sounds may be caused by the suspension of loose parts. It is possible that there is a shortage of oil. You can add some butter to the suspension parts. We can solve these two problems by ourselves. If there are cracks or cracks on the suspension, it is recommended to send the car to the repair shop.

Suspension system noise

Vehicle tire noise

As we all know, vehicles mainly rely on wheels, and tires will have different degrees of wear when they are running on the road. The main reason for the abnormal loudness of car tires is the uneven wear resistance index. Therefore, it is necessary to check the wear level of the tire frequently. If the tire pattern is worn flat, first, its grip will become smaller, and at the same time The braking distance of the vehicle will also be longer. It is recommended that everyone try to replace the tires. If the tire pattern is no problem, then check whether there are some small stones stuck in the tire pattern, if there are some small stones stuck in it. , Try to shave it off, because the stuck stone in the tire will cause aging and cracking of the tire for a long time.
Uneven tread wear can cause excessive noise and vibration, and each mode indicates a different problem. Some of the most common patterns are shown below.

Vehicle tire noise

Another reason is insufficient inflation. Uneven tire type Uneven tire type. When the inner and outer edges of the tire wear more than the central part, it may be underinflated. When driving, the tires will become too flat, which will add more pressure to the outer edges. Therefore, when entering between the tire and the tread, the noise produced by the air will be different, making your car tires louder. In this case, the most common sound is screaming.

Vehicle tire noise

In general,If there is an abnormal noise in your car, check the above four places first, which can effectively reduce the noise generated by the car and make your journey easier.

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