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Operation and maintenance of oil pan

Fuel injection pump is an important part of diesel generator fuel supply system. Its working condition directly affects the power performance, economy and reliability of diesel generator.Correct maintenance is an important prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the injection pump and extend its service life.The following "10 essentials" show you how to maintain the fuel injection pump of a diesel generator:

1.it is necessary to properly maintain the accessories of the injection pump.

Pump body side cover, dipstick, refueling plug (breathing apparatus), oil spill valve, oil pool screw plug, oil plane screw, oil pump fixing bolts, etc., to ensure intact, these accessories play a vital role in the work of the fuel injection pump.For example, the side cover can prevent the invasion of dust, water and other impurities, the breathing apparatus (with a filter) can effectively prevent the deterioration of oil, the oil spill valve to ensure that the fuel system has a certain pressure and does not enter the air, etc.Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of these accessories, found damaged or lost to timely repair or replacement.

2.often check whether the amount of oil in the fuel injection pump oil pool and its quality meet the requirements.

Before every start diesel generator should check inside the fuel injection pump oil quantity and the quality of the (except on engine fuel injection pump of forced lubrication), to ensure that the oil amount is enough, the quality is good, if the oil mixed with water or diesel and metamorphism, light person plunger and delivery valve couple early wear, causing shortages of diesel engine power start is difficult,When it is serious, it causes corrosion and rust of plunger and oil outlet valve.Due to the leakage in oil pump, the oil valve working poor, oil transfer pump wear, sealing ring is damaged, tappet and shell will make diesel oil leakage into the pool and dilute oil, so should be according to the quality of the oil change in time, when you change to thoroughly clean the oil pool, the oil of the bottom sludge impurities such as clean, or use oil for a long time and goes bad.The amount of oil can not be too much or too little, too much oil in the governor, easy to lead to diesel engine "flying", too little oil will make poor lubrication, should be based on the oil ruler or oil plane screw.In addition, when the diesel engine is not used for a long time, it is necessary to check whether there is water, diesel oil and other impurities in the oil pump oil pool. If there is, it should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, due to long storage, water is easy to make the plunger and oil outlet valve parts rust and get stuck and scrapped.

3. Regularly check and adjust the oil supply of each cylinder of the injection pump.

Due to the wear and tear of plunger couple and oil outlet valve couple, diesel oil leakage will be caused, which will reduce the oil supply of each cylinder or uneven, resulting in difficult start, insufficient power, increased oil consumption and unstable operation of diesel engine.Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check and adjust the fuel supply of each cylinder of the injection pump to ensure the power of the diesel engine.In actual use, the fuel supply of each cylinder can be determined by observing the smoke exhaust of the diesel generator, listening to the sound of the engine and feeling the temperature of the exhaust manifold.

4.to use standard high pressure tubing.

In the process of the fuel injection pump in oil supply, due to the compressibility of diesel, high pressure tubing elasticity, high pressure diesel will be formed in the pipe pressure fluctuations, it takes time to pressure wave in tube, to ensure that each cylinder injection interval Angle is consistent, uniform oil, diesel engine work smoothly, high pressure tubing length and diameter is calculated and selected.Therefore, when a cylinder of high pressure tubing damage, the application of standard length and pipe diameter of tubing replacement.In actual use, due to the lack of standard tubing, with other tubing alternative, regardless of the tubing is the same length, diameter, length and diameter of tubing vary widely, although can be used in emergency, but will result in the fuel delivery advance Angle of the cylinder and oil changes, cause the machine work is not smooth, so be sure to use standard in use of high pressure oil pipe.

5. to check regularly on the machine valve parts of the sealing situation.

The injection pump works for a period of time, through checking the seal of the oil valve can make a rough judgment on the wear of the plunger and the working condition of the oil pump, which is conducive to determining the repair and maintenance methods.Check, unscrew the cylinder high-pressure hose connector, in the hand of oil transfer pump pump pump oil, so they found fuel injection pump at the top of the tubing connectors have oil flow out, also shows that the oil valve seal bad (such as the oil valve spring break, of course, also can appear this kind of situation), such as multi cylinder appear seal undesirable phenomenon, should be made for fuel injection pump to complete debugging and maintenance, change the matching parts.

6. to replace the wear of the plunger and oil valve couple in time.

When it is found that the diesel engine is difficult to start, power decreases, and fuel consumption increases, when the fuel injection pump and injector are still not improved by adjusting, the plunger of the fuel injection pump and the oil discharge valve should be removed and inspected. If the plunger and the oil discharge valve are worn to a certain extent, they should be replaced in time, and do not insist on reuse.The loss of diesel engine starting difficulty, fuel consumption increase and power shortage caused by the wear of the parts far exceeds the cost of replacing the parts. The power performance and economy of the diesel engine will be significantly improved after the replacement, so it is necessary to replace the worn parts in time.

7. Use and filter the diesel oil well to ensure that the diesel oil entering the fuel injection pump is highly clean.

Generally speaking, the filtration requirements of diesel fuel for diesel generators are much higher than those for gasoline engines. In use, diesel fuel with the required grade should be selected, and at least 48 hours of precipitation should be passed.Strengthen the cleaning and maintenance of diesel filter, timely cleaning or replacement of filter element;Clean the diesel tank in time according to the operating environment conditions and thoroughly remove the mud and moisture at the bottom of the tank. Any impurities in the diesel fuel will cause serious corrosion or wear on the plunger of the fuel injection pump, the oil outlet valve couple parts and the transmission parts.

8. Regularly check and adjust the advance Angle of fuel injection pump and the interval Angle of each cylinder.

In use, due to the loosening of coupling bolt, camshaft and roller body parts wear, often lead to the oil supply advance Angle and the cylinder oil supply interval Angle changes, so that the diesel combustion is bad, the diesel engine's power and economy become worse, and at the same time, the start is difficult, the operation is unstable, the abnormal noise and overheating.In be used actually, most drivers pay attention to the overall inspection adjustment of fuel supply advance Angle, but neglected the oil supply interval Angle of single pump fuel supply advance Angle adjustment) (relating to the inspection, cause the overall adjusted while the first cylinder injection timing, but the rest each cylinder due to the camshaft, partly due to the wear of wheel driving part make the oil supply is not necessarily timing,It will also lead to difficulty in starting the diesel engine, lack of power and unstable operation, especially for the fuel injection pump with a long service time, more attention should be paid to the inspection and adjustment of the oil supply interval Angle.

9. Check the camshaft clearance regularly.

The axial clearance of the injection pump camshaft is very strict, generally between 0.03 ~ 0.15mm. If the clearance is too large, the impact of the roller transmission parts on the working surface of the CAM will be intensified, so as to increase the early wear of the CAM surface and change the Angle of oil supply in advance.Camshaft bearing shaft and diameter clearance is too large, easy to cause the operation of the camshaft is not stable, the oil regulating rod is shaking, the oil supply occurs periodic changes, so that the operation of the diesel engine is not stable, so it is necessary to check and adjust regularly.When the axial clearance of the camshaft is too large, gaskets can be added on both sides to adjust. When the radial clearance is too large, it is generally necessary to replace the new products.

10. Check the wear and tear of relevant keyways and fixing bolts regularly.

Related keyways and bolts mainly refer to camshaft keyways, coupling flanged keyways (oil pumps that use coupling to transmit power), semicircle keys and coupling retaining bolts.Oil injection pump camshaft keyway, flange keyway, semicircle key due to long-term use, light wear, make the keyway wider, semicircle key installation is not firm, oil supply advance Angle changes;The heavy key rolls off, leading to the failure of power transmission, so it is necessary to check regularly and repair or replace the worn parts in time.

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