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How to choose the best exhaust cutout?

It is commendable how everyone is improving their vehicle to have a certain speed and to have the specifications for the ideal exhibition. To figure out the optimal high-quality performance of your vehicle, you need the best electric exhaust cutout. It is directly associated with aggressive deep sounds.

To buy the best electric exhaust cutout, you need to consider some vital factors like the buildup material, the size and dimensions, durability and reliability, easier installation, and the price range .And you should choose dual exhaust cutout if you have two exhaust systems.

The Buildup Material

  • The most common material used in the buildup of an exhaust electric cutout is stainless steel.It provides decent quality and reduces the risk of corrosion and tearing of the product.
  • Some exhaust cutouts are manufactured of aluminum as it is light.It is not more durable than stainless steel but provides more speed as compared to other materials.
  • Aluminized Steel offers good corrosion resistance and durability, making it a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel. However, it might not be as resistant to extreme temperatures,between stainless steel and aluminum.


  • Electric cutouts offer convenience, allowing you to control them remotely.
  • While manual ones may be simpler but require manual operation.


  • The size of an exhaust cutout is chosen to consider the speed and noise cancelation.
  • It could impact back pressure and exhaust scavenging.
  • The variation in the sizes defines the optimal performance of the system.
  • The size ranges from 2.0 inches to 4.0


  • Some products offer easy installation, and others are difficult to install.
  • If you have to do it all by yourself, prefer the system with easier installation.

Sealing Mechanism

  • Opt for cutouts with effective sealing mechanisms to prevent exhaust leaks when closed, ensuring optimal performance whether open or closed.


  • The durability and reliability of an electric exhaust cutout depend on the material used in its manufacturing.
  • If you want a lightweight system, go for aluminum. But it is not reliable and has a short life span.
  • The stainless steel framework is the most reliable option to go for.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

  • Research different brands, read reviews, and consider the reputation of the manufacturer for quality, customer service, and reliability.

    Price Range

    • The price depends on the size and material of the exhaust cutout.
    • It mostly ranges from 200 to 500 dollars. You do not need to spend more because you can get the best in this price range.

    Spelab best seller - Exhaust Electric Cutout

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    Hot FeaturesStainless steel construction

    • Different outlet connection size
    • 1 x different sizeexhaust pipe
    • 1 x extension harness
    • 1 x wireless remote control
    • 1 x control box
    • Aggressive deep sound
    • Exhaust band clamp
    • High-quality chrome-plated steel
    • 12 volts working voltage
    • 0℃ – 150℃ temperature range

    SPELAB best exhaust cutouts have a stainless steel construction that makes it sturdy and robust. Ensure that you have sufficient space to install it easily. This package includes a cut-out valve kit having an exhaust pipe, a DC motor, an extension harness, a control box along with a cigarette lighter plug, and wireless remote control with no battery.

    This electronic cutout valve is specifically made for a single exhaust pipe and the main purpose is to improve the performance of your vehicle by controlling it remotely. This device provides more horsepower because of faster combustion. The cons include its aggressive deep sound but it never fails to provide smooth exhaust flow. When it comes to the buildup of the cut-out valve, know that it is fabricated of high-quality chrome-plated steel. You can handle the system through its remote control system.


    • Stainless steel construction
    • Wireless remote or manual switch
    • control systemLight on pocket
    • Aggressive deep sound

    Are exhaust cutouts worth it?

    A decent electric exhaust system is for achieving that ideal sound that you need while monitoring the robot yet for all time. So eventually, if you are simply hoping to have some good times and hotshot with sound then you will adore the exhaust cutouts. They are totally worth it.

    Do exhaust cutouts increase horsepower?

    If you install an electric exhaust cutout in your car, it may increase the horsepower and torque but you need to ensure that you have tires to deal with the additional thrust.

    Does dual exhaust improve performance?

    Yes, it improves performance as it helps in reducing the backpressure and saves energy. Eventually, it increases the efficiency of your vehicle.


    • Dave Braniff

      I recently bought a set of cutouts and after using about a dozen times the controller box went bad. It should be under warranty. Would you be able to send me a new one? The numbers on the controller are 61002D-2
      202004 0735

      Thank you Dave Braniff
    • Butch keaton

      I cant get my cutouts to turn on and its very hard to get ahold of you . theres not even a phone number to call

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