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What is an Intake Hose

The intake hose connects the automobile air filter box to the throttle. It delivers clean, filtered fresh air from the outside of the car to the inside of the car engine, where the air is mixed with fuel to burn.

The intake hose is usually made of rubber or plastic which is wear-resistant, anti-aging, high-temperature, instead of a smooth pipe.

Importance of Air Intake Hose

1.The vehicle obtains the right air fuel ratio to achieve the right engine power, efficiency and emissions.

2.Prevent engine overheating during driving, reduce fuel pollution and increase gasoline mileage.


How to Judge the Intake Hose Damage

The most common signs are check engine light, engine stalling and intense idling, loud or hissing engine noise.

Why do we need to replace the intake hose?

With time left, it’s universal that the intake hose made of rubber or plastic will damage due to heat, vibration, and moisture. Incorrect repair and installation may also cause rupture or leakage of the intake hose. It’s important to replace damaged intake hose for proper engine ignition.

It’s harmful that the unfiltered air enters the intake system, pollutants and garbage will accumulate in the engine, which may lead to the wear and tear of parts very quickly.


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