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What is CCV - All You Need to Know!

What is CCV - All You Need to Know!

  • Author: SPELAB Mechanical Engineer (focusing on car modification for 10 years)

All the vehicles are not as simple as they look. The owners have to maintain several things to keep their cars working. There are different features installed in every vehicle, but if we talk about heavy-duty vehicles, their duty is different. Owners have to be conscious and should know about updating the vehicle systems, installing or uninstalling kits and systems, etc.

CCV or Crankcase Ventilation is the vehicle system that is used in internal combustion engines to stop and prevent the storage of harmful gases inside the crankcase of the engine. It also prevents the buildup of pressure inside. The CCV system is designed to and responsible for capturing and re-burning the gases which emit from the Crankcase of the engine. In case you perform the CCV delete, the emission of gases can increase, but it is better than damaging the engine.What is CCV - All You Need to Know!

The CCV system comprises a valve and another mechanism is built to allow the emission of gases and combustion of different byproducts from the crankcase. It also prevents the release of oil or moist in the environment because it can cause function. So it also works as a CCV filter.

Features of CCV Filter System:

Some important features of the CCV system include the following:

  • Help to recirculate the gases
  • Bring back the vapors that escaped from the engine's crankcase a
  • Prevent the harmful gases emission into the environment
  • Reduce the oil consumption, thus improving the engine's performance

But what if the system gets clogged and stops performing well? Let us dive in deep to understand it next few paragraphs.


The main purpose of CCV is to filter out the gases produced in the engine and also prevent the buildup of pressure by the emission of gases. It works by channeling the gases and maintaining their emission through a valve. In the engine's combustion chamber, gases are burned with fuel and air mixture and then eliminated safely.

Regular maintenance of the CCV filter is required. Otherwise, it will not work properly, thus causing the buildup of gases and contaminants inside the engine. In case of such buildup, the CCV system gets clogged and fails to function properly, thus reducing the performance of the engine. In such cases, the CCV filter 6.7 Powerstroke requires a 6.7 Powerstroke CCV delete.

CCV Delete & Why Do You Need It?

In many countries, the 6.7 Cummins CCV delete or CCV filter 6.6 Duramax delete is not allowed, and it is illegal as it emits gases into the environment. But, CCV Cummins delete becomes crucial when the system is clogged, and the gases are building up in the engine. It will reduce the performance of the engine; therefore, CCV filter, CCV filter 6.6 Duramax delete is required. It would be better to keep the CCV and to not delete it, but in case you do not have any other way to stop the buildup of gases, go for the delete.What is CCV - All You Need to Know!

Steps for CCV Cummins delete:

Things required for CCV delete

If you are familiar with the vehicle you are using with the engine Powerstroke 6.7 and 6.7 Duramax, you can delete the CCV filter by yourself. You need the following things to do the action:

  • 5/16 socket, ratchet, extension,
  • 1/4" nut driver to remove the clamps
  • Screwdriver flat blade
  • Utility knife snap blade
  • Chisel, which should be sharp
  • Cut off wheel dremel

How to perform CCV delete?

To perform the CCV delete 6.7 cummins and CCV Cummins filter delete, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, review everything in the CCV system and know about its components like hoses, valves, breather filters, etc
  • Then disconnect the hoses and valves from the engine
  • Now, remove the breather filter by using the tools
  • Check if there is any opening that was connected to the CCV system; if there is, block it or cap off
  • Finally, reprogram the engine control module (ECM) because it will trigger the warning lights and error codes when it finds the CCV missing.

In this way, you can delete the CCV and prevent the engine from being damaged, as the gases which clog inside can severely damage the engine and vehicle's system.


Removing the CCV system can lead to environmental damage; therefore, it is now allowed, but it becomes necessary when the gases get clogged and creates pressure inside. Because it buildup up smoke, pressure, and pollutants inside the engine, thus reducing its performance. You can perform the CCV delete as mentioned above, but if you are not an expert, then do not take a risk. Hire a professional mechanic or engineer who can perform this process for you.What is CCV - All You Need to Know!

Otherwise, there are SPELAB kits available in the market that can help you to perform this action safely. You can have to be conscious about the tools you are using as it is a matter of your vehicle's engine.

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