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How to delete EGR from ECU

How to delete EGR from ECU

Author: SPELAB Mechanical Engineer (focusing on car modification for 10 years)



Through the air intake system, the EGR valve circulates a predetermined volume of exhaust gases back into the engine, reducing the number of discharges the engine makes.

The engine continuously circulates this gas, which over time will cause carbon deposits to build up in the intake manifold and many other parts, including the EGR shutoff. What does EGR Cooler mean? The EGR Cooler's purpose is to reduce the temperature of exhaust gases before they are recycled back into the engine.

 How to delete EGR from ECU

What does a 6.0 Powerstroke EGR delete kit accomplish?

If you turn off the EGR system, the temperature of the exhaust gases from your 6.0L Power Stroke engine will increase. The combustion byproducts from a normal 6.0L Power Stroke engine are recirculated through the system to increase the car's overall efficiency.


Is an EGR delete good for the 6.0 Powerstroke?

The temperature of exhaust gas will rise with an EGR deletion on your 6.0L Power Stroke engine. The standard 6.0L Power Stroke engine will cycle the exhaust gases back through the system to boost the car's overall efficiency.


What does an EGR delete do on a 6.7 Cummins?

An EGR delete entails removing the system with a delete kit. Benefits include increased engine efficiency and fuel economy and a reduction in the need for EGR emergency repair (or even the engine itself).


2004.5-2005 GM Duramax LLY

The stock EGR Valve and the Cooler system are replaced by this Sinister Diesel LLY Duramax EGR Delete Kit for the Chevrolet 2500 and 3500 HD models from 2004 and 2005. This upgrade is designed to fit the 6.6L LLY Duramax and increase exhaust gas flow, which leads to a faster turbo spool and reduced engine temperatures.


2006-2010 GM LBZ & LMM w/ 6.6L Duramax 

We are pleased to announce that this kit is now made specifically for you in British Columbia! With this upgrade, a specially made pipe replaces the whole cold side intercooler pipe/throttle plate. This assures that the pip won't move after it is in by having a precision-cut flange and pre-bent tab for pip location. To finish the job, it includes a TIG-welded fitting for the map sensor, a 3/4" coolant re-route line, and one 1/8' NPT fitting for boost, water meth, or nitrous.


Duramax Lml Egr Delete Kit- Complete Duramax Lml Egr Deletes Kit

A device called the Duramax LML EGR delete kit reduces the amount of fuel that trucks use while operating. After removing the EGR system from the vehicle, which could harm the engine owing to gases that build up in the exhaust pipe, the delete kit makes the truck operate more efficiently. EGR is a simulation of a system that controls the air that enters engines and the gases that exit them in moving cars.



EGR Valve Delete/Removal
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) shutdown is a discharge control device created to lessen NO2 emissions in order to help comply with the increasingly strict European Emission Regulations. To ensure that it eliminates the running issues related to these devices, EGR Delete and EGR Bypass software is created to deactivate the functionality of the EGR shutdown.


How to delete EGR from ECU

How to delete EGR from ECU

So how can EGR be removed from ECU valves? The ECU valve should be left open for a while as the initial step, and you should also remove and flush the CNG pellets in the cylinder with water. Detach the positive electrical connection from the ECU and do so next. Don't forget to cut the connections to both the positive and negative things. If you're having problems utilizing the ECU tuner, you can refer to the user handbook for further instructions.

Now take out the two screws holding the lid of your ecu's body. On some versions, the pin needs to be unscrewed in order to access the valve. A knife or screwdriver are other options. The wiring should now be freed from the connector. Now find the two valve screws and remove them.

Once finished, look inside the valve for the black plug and take it out. The gasket that covers the valve body must be taken off next. The old ECU valve must then be removed. Once you have mastered the technique for erasing the EGR from ECU valves, you ought to observe that the valve body is now open.

Two screws secure the gasket, and you need to take them out. However, this can call for more force or tools. The gasket can now be replaced, and bolts will hold it in place. Bolt the new ECU valve into place and install it. Before shutting the valve, make sure the drain hole is properly aligned.

After that, you can replace them and improve your system. Follow the same steps as described before to discover how to erase EGR from ECU valves. But this time, you'll see that your valve has holes on both sides, with the holes pointing in the same direction. Remove the screws by tapping them with pliers. Replace your gasket after that, and tighten the screws.

The battery must then be reconnected after that. Check to see if the gadget displays power levels by turning on your ECU. If not, either change the battery or check the connections again. These are the fundamentals of EGR removal from the ECU and related troubleshooting.

Pay close attention to the side connectors at this point. Verify the wiring to see whether it is faulty or loose. A magnifying lens can be used to check the connections for frayed wires or cracked seals. The connections should be solid and well sealed if the valve is functioning properly.

If the device indicates that a sensor is depleted, you may now begin learning how to remove the EGR from the ECU. This indicates that the level is too low when you try to drain the ecu. First, examine the connections between the valve body and the drain. Install the new valve and remove the old one if the seal is still intact. On the other hand, you ought to think about changing the valve if you see that the drain connection is damaged.

How to delete EGR from ECU

Finally, you should consider upkeeping the equipment when learning to remove EGR from ECU. An ECU typically has a finite number of connections. The equipment may malfunction if it is not properly maintained. You can refer to the maintenance manual for your particular model to learn the necessary maintenance techniques.

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