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DIY Maintenance: A Guide on How To Replace CCV Filter 6.7 Powerstroke

  • Author: SPELAB Mechanical Engineer (focusing on car modification for 10 years)

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If you are skeptical about replacing the CCV filter of your vehicle by yourself, this step-by-step guide is just for you.


If you have a 6.7L Power stock engine, you might know why the replacement of fuel filters is necessary for every fuel vehicle, especially if it's a heavy-duty diesel truck. The fuel that goes into the tank is derived from crude oil and goes through various pipes, stones, and whatnot. It can not be meticulously cleaned. Diesel-engined vehicles especially need fuel filters because when the temperature changes, the crude oil/paraffin in the diesel starts to solidify, creating a slimy residue inside the tank. For any vehicle, the passage of clean air and clean fuel is crucial, so here is a complete DIY guide to easily replace the CCV (Crankcase filter). Let's explore this in detail!

Signs of Clogged Powerstroke Filter

Before you start unplugging the old powerstroke filter, make sure you know the exact reasons why you are replacing it. Here are some signs that your CCV filter has gotten worse.

1. Passive or Inactive

If you are wondering why your truck/vehicle is highly idle these days, it takes ages to start and feels shaky. Well, this is the most common reason your CCV filter is clogged. Blockage of the CCV filter causes back pressure because it does not have space to breathe. When the pressure builds up, it decreases the overall performance of your engine.

2. Fumes From Engine

The second sign you might notice is that your vehicle is releasing more black fumes than usual while accelerating. As earlier said, the blockage does not give your engine proper fuel or airflow. When the trapped back pressure tries to get out, it tries to push itself from the gasket or the piston rod. When this happens, drops of oil from the blockage fall over the piston ring, and it may ignite with the diesel fuel. This collision could be the reason for the emission of black smoke.

3. Fuel Leakage In The Turbine

Oil leakage in the turbine is the third sign of a clogged CCV filter. As mentioned earlier, due to the blockage, the trapped pressure shoves oil into the intake space of the turbine and leaves the space greasy. The oil in the turbo specifies the accumulation of gunk and poor ventilation of your engine’s filter.  

Top Recommended Ventilation Kits

As we have discussed earlier, the blockage causes poor ventilation of your vehicle's engine. So, here are some ⅘ stars rated ventilation kits to release the trapped pressure properly.DIY Maintenance: A Guide on How To Replace CCV Filter 6.7 Powerstroke

1. 6.7L Ford Ventilation Kit

The first recommendation we have is the CCV Engine Ventilation Kit. It is an exceptional choice and fit for 2011-2023 powerstroke diesel. The kit is best if you have a grease deposition on the engine and ensures that your vehicle is getting clean oil.    DIY Maintenance: A Guide on How To Replace CCV Filter 6.7 Powerstroke

2. 11-23 ReRoute Engine Ventilation Kit

The second recommendation is the CCV PCV ReRoute Ventilation Kit. Again, an excellent product, and if your truck has a problem with oil dripping on the turbo, this kit tackles this problem effortlessly.

3. 07-19 Cummin CCV Ventilation Kit

Last but certainly not least, the recommended product is the 07-19 Cummins Ventilation Kit. If your truck has a back pressure problem, this kit can be handy. This product ensures space if you want modifications.DIY Maintenance: A Guide on How To Replace CCV Filter 6.7 Powerstroke

Tips And Measures To Be Taken

If you want to replace the 6.7 Powerstroke CCV delete of your vehicle and it's your first time doing it, here is a checklist to ensure you are all set to step in.

  • Make sure you have all the necessary tools to act, for example (an 8mm or 10mm) socket, hand gloves, stud/wrench tool, etc.
  • Double-check that the battery is not connected to any electrical wire.
  • Ensure you have a container to collect all the bolts and connectors for your CCV filter.

Steps To Replace The CCV Filter

Now that the basics are covered replacing the CCV Filter 6.7 Powerstroke is time. Mentioned below are the steps to replace the filter smoothly. To replace the CCV Filter on a 6.7 Powerstroke, start by locating the CCV filter cover, cleaning it, and removing all connectors and bolts. Safely store these components. Then, clean the valve thoroughly. Finally, install the new CCV Filter, reposition the valve, and securely fasten the bolts for a successful filter replacement. And there you have it! You have successfully installed the brand-new CCV filter.

Bottom Line

The longevity of a vehicle depends on the maintenance of it. If you wish to have a liable and secure truck, you have to take safety measures beforehand. However, maintaining a diesel truck is not affordable, but worry not. You can now modify your vehicle and solve any problem you are experiencing with the CCV filter by SPELAB.DIY Maintenance: A Guide on How To Replace CCV Filter 6.7 Powerstroke

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