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Exhaust cutouts are a popular modification for car enthusiasts looking to enhance their vehicle's performance and produce a more aggressive exhaust sound. In simple terms, cutouts are openings in the exhaust system that allows exhaust gases to exit the system before the muffler. This creates a bypass route that can be opened and closed manually or electronically.


When the cutouts are open, the exhaust gases travel out through the cutouts rather than going through the muffler. This results in a louder, more powerful exhaust note since the gases are not being muted by the muffler. When closed, the gases travel through the regular exhaust path, keeping the muffler's muffling effect.

Cutouts give drivers control over the exhaust sound. They can keep them closed for a stock, quieter tone. But when wanting to liven up the driving experience, they can open the cutouts to hear the engine's unrestrained roar. This on-demand sound enhancement is a major appeal of exhaust cutout for many auto enthusiasts.

Installing cutouts is a relatively straightforward process. They are mounted between the exhaust manifold and the muffler. All that's needed is to cut the exhaust pipe and weld the cutouts in place.

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How Do Exhaust Cutouts Work?

Exhaust cutouts work by providing an alternate route for exhaust gases to exit the vehicle's exhaust system. They have a valve that can be opened to create a shortcut before the muffler and tailpipes.

When the cutout valve is closed, exhaust flows normally through the entire exhaust system. The gases pass from the engine through the catalytic converter, muffler, and out the tailpipes. This muffles the sound and maintains a stock exhaust tone.

Opening the cutout valve creates a detour path. Exhaust gases can now take the shortcut and exit through the cutouts before reaching the muffler. This allows the loud, unrestricted exhaust noise to escape giving a bold, aggressive tone.

The cutout valve can be controlled manually using a cable or lever. Electric cutouts are even more convenient - the valve is electronically actuated via a switch inside the vehicle's cabin. With just the flip of a switch, drivers can modulate the exhaust sound.

When open, cutouts also reduce exhaust back pressure. The gases escape easier through the new exit path instead of passing through the muffler.

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Advantages of Electric Cutouts

Electric cutouts make it easy to change the exhaust sound on demand. With just a switch, drivers can open and close the cutouts instantly. There's no need to manually adjust levers or cables. This flexibility lets you quiet down for daily commuting and open up the exhaust for fun weekend drives. Electric cutouts give you the best of both worlds - refined tones when desired and bold roars when you want excitement.

Installation Process

Adding cutouts is an easy process. First, find the right spot on the exhaust pipe after the catalytic converter. Then saw through the pipe and weld the cutout assembly in place. Make sure to seal any gaps to prevent exhaust leaks. Electric cutouts also need wiring routed into the cabin to control the valve.

If you're new to DIY installs, having a professional handle it ensures correct mounting. But overall, it's an easy mod that packs a big thrill.

Sound Customization with Exhaust Cutouts

One of the best features of cutouts is customizing your car's sound. Just flip the switch to go from a refined, subtle exhaust note to an aggressive, adrenaline-pumping roar. You can match the sound to your mood and style of driving on any given day. Cutouts deliver maximum freedom to create a unique auditory experience.

Affordable Kits from SPELAB 

Brands like SPELAB make cutouts easy to install yourself. Their kits come with everything you need, including cutout valves, switches, wires, clamps, and hardware. SPELAB uses quality materials designed specifically for different vehicles.

This guarantees an easy, secure fit. So you can get performance-boosting cutouts without breaking the bank, thanks to SPELAB's affordable kits.

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Take Away

Installing exhaust cutout is an appealing modification for drivers wanting more power and excitement from their car's engine. Cutouts let exhaust gases bypass the muffler to produce a bold, aggressive tone that matches spirited driving. With the flip of a switch or lever, you can choose when to unleash the roar.

The performance gains come from reduced backpressure, which helps the engine breathe better. But the real thrill is customizing the sound of your exhaust note. You can keep it subtle for everyday commutes, then open up the cutouts when you want to feel the adrenaline.

If this sounds like your ideal mod, shop for a quality kit that fits your car. Brands like SPELAB make it simple to add cutouts yourself using comprehensive kits. But get professional help if you're unsure of the installation. Also, check local laws to stay compliant. Overall, exhaust cutouts are a relatively easy and effective way to unlock more performance and fun from your vehicle!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are exhaust cutouts legal?

Exhaust cutouts regulations vary by region. Before installing cutouts, be sure to check the laws where you live. Regulations on decibel limits and muffler requirements vary in different areas. Some places have strict rules that may prohibit cutouts. Others are more moderate and may allow them during certain times or situations. Do thorough research to find out your local exhaust noise limits.

2. Will Exhaust cutouts void my warranty?

Cutouts may not void the entire warranty, but any exhaust issues likely won't be covered after installation. Check with your dealer to know the impact on your specific warranty.

3. Can I install cutouts myself?

You can install cutouts yourself if you have mechanical skills and tools. For a hassle-free install, consider having a professional do it.

4. Will cutouts add horsepower?

Cutouts can add some horsepower by reducing exhaust backpressure. But gains depend on your engine, existing exhaust, and other factors.

5. How do cutouts change the sound?

Closing the cutout valve muffles sound through the muffler. Opening the valve bypasses the muffler, producing a louder, more aggressive tone.

6. Can I fine-tune the sound?

Yes, electric cutouts allow precise control over the valve to fine-tune the exhaust sound level. You can achieve anything from a subtle rumble to a roaring scream.

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