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Are exhaust cutouts legal

Are exhaust cutouts legal

Author: SPELAB Mechanical Engineer (focusing on car modification for 10 years)


In the top levels of vehicle engineering, anything on a car that doesn't serve a purpose is frequently thought to be silly-looking or sounding. Are exhaust cutouts legal? Every car needs an exhaust cutoff that works.

Additionally, it is against the law for drivers to remove or bypass an exhaust cutout on a highway vehicle using any equipment. We shall discuss every law that has ever been enacted on the topic in the American states in this post.


What Is Exhaust Cutout?

Exhaust cutouts are the best exhaust product to use if you need to drive to the track covertly. By simply unbolting the covers underneath your car, manual exhaust cutouts are easy to install and enable you to access your exhaust while driving. If your exhaust has an electric cutoff, you can open it with the flip of a switch.

Can exhaust modifications increase horsepower? Unfortunately, aftermarket exhaust or exhaust cutouts won't function with the majority of standard exhaust systems. As an alternative, ensure that your tires can withstand the higher thrust.

 4 inch exhaust pipe


Do electric exhaust cutouts add horsepower?

Even though adding exhaust cutouts to the pipes may make the car seem louder, you won't get a precise sound. You may experience an improvement in horsepower and torque by placing an aftermarket exhaust on your car and then adding exhaust cutouts. However, most factory and stock exhausts do not offer this luxury.

 are exhaust cutouts legal

Are Exhaust Cutouts Legal?

The loud and annoying cars of today's high-tech automotive industry are seen as outdated and stupid. Exhaust cutout regulations differ from state to state within the United States. Below, I've listed a handful of my favorites.



  • 32-5-216.

(a) All motor vehicles must have an exhaust system that is operational and running continuously to prevent excessive noise and bothersome fumes. Any of these items cannot be put in your exhaust system while you are driving.

(b) To prevent the creation of excessive exhaust gases or smoke, all engines and powertrains in automobiles must be properly fitted and regulated.

  • specifically

(a) The internal combustion engines of a vessel shall be silenced by means of apparatus designed and used for such purpose. There is no exemption to this restriction, not even when the ship is taking part in a regatta or sanctioned boat racing.



  • 27150. Adequate muffler required
  • Any exhaust system or muffler subject to registration must have a cutoff, bypass, or comparable device that keeps the exhaust from emitting excessive noise or noise that is out of the ordinary while it is running.
  • 27151. Exhaust system modifications
  • It is forbidden to modify a vehicle's exhaust system in a way that causes its noise emissions to violate Section 27150 or go beyond the limits set for that vehicle's type in Article 2.5, and no one should even try to do it (commencing with Section 27200).



  • 316.272. Noise reduction via exhaust systems
  • Every vehicle must have an exhaust system with the muffler, manifold pipe, and tailpipes operating continuously and in great working order in order to prevent excessive or unusual noise.

(b) No motor vehicle's engine or power system should emit excessive fumes or smoke.

(c) (c)If this section is broken, noncriminal traffic infractions are punished under Chapter 318 as nonmoving offenses.

 are exhaust cutouts legal


  • 32:352. It is possible to prevent excessive noise, fumes, and smoke by following the muffler specifications.
    • Every automobile must always have a working muffler to prevent making an unusual or excessive amount of noise.
    • It is against the law to use a muffler bypass or an equivalent device on state roadways.
    • Every car's engine and powertrain must be installed to prevent exhaust gases and smoke from escaping.
    • 32:353. Exhaust system modifications

R.S. 32:352 states that it is against the law to alter an automobile's exhaust system in order to make the engine louder or more audible than the original muffler could handle.



  • It is the driver's obligation to ensure the exhaust system is in excellent functioning order to prevent excessive or unusual noise while operating a vehicle on a public highway or street. For purposes of sections 707a to 707f, special mobile equipment is not regarded as a component of a motor vehicle.


New Mexico

A muffler is a tool used to control emissions and decrease or eliminate noise.

  • Every vehicle's muffler must be in top operating order and kept on all the time to prevent excessive or unusual noise; no one is allowed to use a muffler cutout, bypass, or similar device on a vehicle that is headed down the highway.

(b) To prevent excessive emissions of fumes or smoke, all vehicles must have mufflers, emission control systems, engines, and powertrains that are properly educated and regulated.

(c) The factory-installed devices and equipment, or their replacements, must be in excellent working order and properly maintained for every registered gasoline-powered motor vehicle built or assembled beginning with 1968 models.


New York City

Vehicle and Traffic Law 375.

  • Mufflers and exhaust systems are number 31. The purpose is to make the space less noisy. Any car that is driven or operated on the state's roadways needs to have a sound exhaust system.
  • Mechanical elements such as mufflers, chambers, baffles, and others collect exhaust gases from internal combustion engines.
  • Exhaust gas produced by internal combustion engines is gathered and discharged by an exhaust system.

Motor vehicle noise regulations (section 386)

Any A-weighted sound level on a public highway that is higher than what is allowed for any vehicle or combination of vehicles must always be avoided if the vehicle's total weight is less than 10,000 pounds. This also includes motorcycles.

are exhaust cutouts legal 


Following Section 547.604.

  • A vehicle must have sufficient working mufflers that run continuously to avoid making an unusual noise.
  • A muffler cutout, bypass, or similar device is strictly prohibited in a vehicle's exhaust system.


  • 2812 Alteration Of Motor Vehicle Exhaust System
  • This provision forbids anybody from changing a motor vehicle's or motorcycle's exhaust system to increase or magnify the noise the vehicle makes.
  • Driving or riding a motorcycle with an exhaust system that has been altered in any way to increase the amount of noise it makes is prohibited.

The Ending Story

As a result, the inquiry "Are exhaust cutouts legal?" has an answer. Yes, however, every car registered in the United States is required to have a sound exhaust system by federal and state laws.

They must continue to work to avoid excessive or unusual noise and stop a muffler from acting as a cutout, bypass, or analogous device.


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