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Valve Cover Replacement

Valve Cover Replacement

A valve cover is pretty much what it sounds like: A metal cover that sits inside the engine that covers the gasket and keeps the oil inside.  That is a good thing. The valve cover is sealed with a cork or rubber seal that keeps any oil from leaking out.   Oil is used in your engine to keep the internal parts lubricated and working well.  Without the oil, the engine would part seize, or freeze together.  When the valve cover starts to fail, the oil starts to leak out indicating it is time for a valve cover replacement.

Symptoms of a faulty Valve Cover:

You might have something wrong with your valve cover if notice any of these symptoms:

• Burning oil smell

This happens when the engine is running and oil escapes the cover from a crack or worn area in the gasket.  If you smell burning oil, you should have it checked out right away to determine the source of the oil leak.

• Evidence of leaking oil on the Valve cover

This can be observed during oil changes or maintenance services. The technician will inspect the valve cover to see if there is any evidence of a leak on or around the valve cover gasket.

• Low Engine Oil

You will see the Engine Oil Light appear on your dashboard.  Or will need to add oil often to keep your oil at the optimum level.  Contact us to have this diagnosed to determine the cause of the oil leak.

• Engine is running rough and causing misfires

Sometimes the oil leaks from a valve cover gasket affect the spark plugs. This reduces engine performance and can cause a misfire.  You should have this diagnosed as soon as possible since it can cause damage to your engine and even cause a fire under your hood if it goes unrepaired.

How is a valve cover gasket replaced?

When you bring your vehicle to Automotive Super Center we will perform diagnostics to determine if the Valve Cover needs to be replaced.  If this service is needed, the technician will:

  • Remove the valve cover
  • Remove the old gasket
  • Clean all gasket surfaces
  • Install the new valve cover gasket
  • On some engines, removal of the intake manifold or other major parts may be required in order to access the fasteners on the cover.
  • After completion, the area will be checked for leaks.

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