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Oil Pan — Dry oil pan

The oil pan is mostly made of the thin steel plate and equipped with oil stabilizing baffle plate inside to avoid the right side vibration and splash caused by diesel engine bumping, which is conducive to the precipitation of lubricating oil impurities. A dipstick is installed on the side to check the oil quantity. In addition, a drain plug is installed at the bottom of the oil pan. 

Dry oil pans are used in many racing engines. It does not store oil in the oil pan, or more precisely, no oil pan. These moving friction surfaces in the crankcase are lubricated by pressing out the oil through a measuring hole. As the dry oil pan engine cancels the function of oil storage in the oil pan, the height of the crude oil pan is greatly reduced, and the height of the engine is also reduced. The advantage of the reduced center of gravity is that it is conducive to control. The main advantage is to avoid the occurrence of wet oil pan due to the fierce driving of various adverse phenomena. 

However, because the pressure of lubricating oil comes from the oil pump. Oil pump power is through the rotation of the crankshaft through the gear connection. Although in wet sump engines, an oil pump is also required to provide pressure lubrication for the camshaft. However, the pressure is very small and the oil pump needs little power. However, in dry sump engines, the strength of this pressure lubrication needs to be much greater. The size of the oil pump is also much larger than that of the wet-sump engine. So the oil pump needs more power at this time. Like a supercharged engine, the oil pump needs to consume part of the engine's power. Especially at high speed, with the increase of engine speed, the movement intensity of friction parts will increase, and more lubricating oil is needed. Therefore, the oil pump is required to provide greater pressure, and the consumption of crankshaft power will be intensified.

Obviously, this design is not suitable for ordinary civil vehicle engine, because it needs to lose part of the engine power, which will not only affect the power output but also is not conducive to improving the economy. Therefore, the dry oil pan will only be equipped with large displacement or high-power engines, such as sports cars for fierce driving. For example, Lamborghini adopts the design of a dry oil pan. For it, it is more important to improve the lubrication effect at the limit and obtain a lower center of gravity. The loss of power can be made up by increasing the displacement and other aspects. As for the economy, this type of vehicle does not need to consider.


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