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Summer is here. How to maintain your car?

1.To prevent a flat tire.

Summer road temperature is higher, the use of the car tire environment is worse, so we must pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the car tire, to prevent a flat tire.

2.Check the brake system.

Pavement damp summer is the rainy season, the rainy season which reduces the coefficient of friction between tire and road surface, especially the tire pattern in under the condition of water, a lower friction coefficient, a sensitive brake system is especially important, therefore before summer, check your braking system, try to be a precaution.

3.Prevent the car "spontaneous combustion", "self-explosion".

Car spontaneous combustion in summer, in addition to some model is a part of the design fault, the cause of improper operation or existence hidden danger is the main cause of car spontaneous combustion, because of higher summer temperatures, car's own failure rate is also greatly improved, so should check the car, to review the oil of car electric circuit, prevent the formation of spontaneous combustion phenomenon.

4.Anti poor lubrication.

High temperature in summer, automobile lubricating oil is easy to be heat thinning, making its oxidation resistance worse, easy to deteriorate, and even cause failures such as burning tile holding shaft.Therefore, the quantity and quality of lubricating oil should be checked frequently, and replaced in time. At the same time, different brands of lubricating oil should not be mixed.

5.The correct use of air conditioning.

Summer temperature rise, the importance of air conditioning suddenly appeared, in the use of air conditioning must pay attention to the following matters, otherwise easy to damage air conditioning or cause unnecessary waste of oil and electricity.

6.Protect the car paint.

Summer temperature rises, the sun often bursts in, the car paint is obviously bad, for love to protect their car face owners, we must pay attention to protect the car paint, often wash and wax.If you also want to give your car paint to do more thorough protection work, it is recommended to do a good job of sealing glaze process for your car.


Summer temperature is high, the evaporation of oil and water will increase, so we must put the oil tank cover tightly, tubing to prevent oil seepage;Frequently check the water level of the water tank, the oil level and height of the crankcase, the brake fluid level height in the brake main pump and the electrolyte density and the liquid level height in the battery.In case of non-compliance, add and adjust in time.

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