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Discover the benefits of installing an EGR delete kit on your Dodge Cummins. Boost horsepower, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance overall engine performance.

1. What does an EGR delete do on a Cummins?

An EGR delete kit is used to remove or disable the EGR system, bringing more fresh air into the engine and improving combustion efficiency. This is especially true for the 6.7 Cummins EGR Delete Kit and other similar products such as the 6.0 Powerstroke EGR Delete Kit and the Duramax EGR Delete Kit. With an EGR delete, exhaust gas return is reduced, improving engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Detailed effects

  • Reduces Carbon Buildup: The EGR system recirculates some of the exhaust gases back into the intake system, causing carbon buildup. After deleting EGR, the intake system becomes cleaner and the engine runs smoother.
  • Improved combustion efficiency: More fresh air enters the engine, optimising the air-fuel ratio and improving combustion efficiency and power output.
  • Lower engine temperatures: With EGR removal, engine combustion temperatures are reduced, helping to extend engine life.

Learn about the specific effects of EGR deletion on diesel engines, especially the benefits and potential impact of the 6.7 Cummins EGR Delete Kit. Click on the next section to explore in depth!

2. Impact of EGR deletion on diesel engines

EGR delete has significant performance gains for diesel engines, especially the 6.7 Cummins, 6.0 Powerstroke and Duramax. Here are the specific impacts:

Performance Improvement

The installation of an EGR delete kit results in significant horsepower and torque gains for diesel engines. For example, the 6.7 Cummins EGR Delete Kit and the Duramax EGR Delete Kit allow the engine to run at higher efficiencies, delivering more power output. Real-world user feedback shows that this boost is especially noticeable in high-load usage scenarios, such as towing and heavy haulage.

Fuel Economy

The impact of the EGR delete on fuel economy varies by model and usage scenario. Overall, products such as the 6.0 Powerstroke EGR Delete Kit optimise fuel efficiency, resulting in more miles per gallon of fuel. Some users report fuel economy improvements of about 5-10%.

Engine Life

Removing the EGR system greatly reduces carbon build-up problems, which helps extend engine life. 6.7 Cummins and other diesel engine users have found that regular cleaning of the air intake system is significantly less frequent and the engine runs smoother.

An in-depth look at the value of EGR delete kits, analysing the initial cost and long-term benefits, to help you decide if it's worth the investment. Keep reading to learn more!

EGR Delete Kit

3. Is the EGR delete kit worth it?

The cost of installing an EGR delete kit is relatively high, but for tuner enthusiasts of 6.7 Cummins, 6.0 Powerstroke and Duramax, the investment is usually worth it. Below is a detailed analysis of the value:

Initial Cost vs. Long-Term Benefits

EGR delete kits typically range in price from a few hundred dollars, and with installation costs, the total cost can be between $500 and $1,000. While the initial investment is large, the long-term benefits are significant. By improving fuel economy, reducing maintenance costs and extending engine life, this investment can pay for itself within a few years.

User Reviews and Case Studies

Many users of the 6.7 Cummins, 6.0 Powerstroke and Duramax engines have reported positive conversion experiences. For example, one 6.7 Cummins owner reported that the installation of an EGR delete kit resulted in a significant improvement in the vehicle's towing capacity and fuel consumption performance, and a more enjoyable daily driving experience. Similarly, Duramax users have reported that the engine is more responsive and delivers more power after the EGR delete.

Special Purpose Value

The EGR delete kit is particularly valuable for truck drivers who regularly use high loads. Heavy haulage and trailers place greater demands on the engine, and EGR deletion can be an effective way to improve engine performance, reduce breakdowns and increase efficiency.

While there are many advantages to EGR deletion, there are also some disadvantages. Read on to learn about the possible negatives of EGR deletion to help you fully evaluate this modification.

4. Disadvantages of EGR deletion

Whilst EGR delete kits can significantly improve the performance of a diesel engine, there are a number of potential drawbacks and negative impacts, particularly on the environment and the law:

Increased emissions

The main purpose of the EGR system is to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. By removing the EGR system, the vehicle's NOx emissions may increase, which can have a detrimental effect on the environment.

Legal Risks

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is illegal to modify or delete the emission control system. Installation of an EGR Delete Kit may result in legal problems, including fines and vehicle towing.

Warranty Issues

Many vehicle warranty policies specify that any modification to the emission control system will void the warranty. Installing an EGR delete kit may result in increased repair costs.

Wear and tear on engine components

EGR deletion may result in higher combustion temperatures, increasing the rate of wear on internal diesel engine components and shortening the life of the components.

Environmental Responsibility

As a car tuning enthusiast or practitioner, we have a responsibility to protect the environment by ensuring that our vehicle's emissions comply with legal standards.EGR deletion may negatively affect this responsibility.

Find out if EGR deletion increases horsepower and continue to explore the impact of EGR deletion on diesel engine performance. Click on the next section to learn more!

EGR Delete Kit

5. Does an EGR delete increase horsepower?

For many 6.7 Cummins, 6.0 Powerstroke and Duramax owners, one of the notable effects of installing an EGR delete kit is an increase in horsepower. Here is a detailed explanation:

Performance Data

Based on user feedback and real-world test data, there is typically a significant increase in diesel engine horsepower after installing an EGR delete kit. For example, the 6.7 Cummins EGR Delete Kit can increase an engine's horsepower by more than 10 per cent, while the Duramax EGR Delete Kit achieves similar results.

User Experience

Many truck tuner enthusiasts report quicker acceleration response and smoother and more powerful power delivery with EGR deletion. The increase in horsepower is especially noticeable in high-load usage situations, such as towing and off-road driving, making the vehicle better suited to tackle a variety of challenges.


The EGR delete reduces the recirculation of exhaust gases and increases the amount of fresh air entering by optimising the air intake system. This results in fuller combustion and stronger power output, naturally increasing horsepower.

Practical examples

For example, after installing the EGR Delete Kit, an owner of a 6.0 Powerstroke found that the vehicle's hill-climbing ability was dramatically improved, accelerating more quickly and driving more smoothly. This real-world experience has also been verified and recognised by other users.

Learn about the legality of EGR deletion and continue to explore the legal issues to be aware of when installing an EGR deletion kit. Click on the next section for an in-depth look at what's involved!

6. Legality of EGR deletion

Although EGR deletion kits can significantly improve the performance of diesel engines, their legality is somewhat controversial and risky. Below is a detailed analysis of the legality of EGR deletion:

US State Regulations

Regulations for EGR deletion vary from state to state in the United States. Some states may strictly regulate the modification or deletion of emission control systems, and violators of the regulations may face penalties such as fines and vehicle towing. Therefore, it is important to understand local regulations before proceeding with an EGR delete.

EPA Regulations

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is illegal to modify or delete a vehicle's emission control system.The EPA strictly regulates the modification or deletion of emission control systems, and violators may face serious legal consequences, including hefty fines and criminal penalties.

Legal Alternatives

While there are some legal risks associated with EGR deletion, there are some legal alternatives available. For example, there is the option of installing EPA-compliant retrofit components, such as high-performance air filters and exhaust systems, to achieve similar performance gains.

Environmental Responsibility

As car tuning enthusiasts or practitioners, we have a responsibility to protect the environment by ensuring that our vehicles' emissions meet legal standards. Therefore, when considering an EGR delete, you should weigh the performance gains it brings against the possible legal risks and do your bit for the environment.

Find out how to install an EGR delete kit for Dodge Cummins and continue on to delve into the practicalities of EGR deletion. Click on the next section for more information!

EGR Delete Kit

7. How to Install the EGR Delete Kit for Dodge Cummins

Installing an EGR delete kit requires certain skills and tools, here are the detailed installation steps and precautions:

Tools and materials required

  • Check the contents of the EGR delete kit to make sure all parts are complete.
  • Basic hand tools such as spanners, spanners, screwdrivers, etc.
  • Vehicle lift equipment for easier access to the engine compartment.
  • Safety glasses and gloves to ensure safety during installation.

Installation Steps

  • Disconnect the Battery: For safety reasons, be sure to disconnect the vehicle's negative cable before beginning the installation process.
  • Remove Existing EGR System: Remove the existing EGR system step by step according to the installation instructions and keep the removed parts in case they are needed later.
  • Installing the EGR Delete Kit: Install the new EGR Delete Kit step-by-step according to the EGR Delete Kit installation instructions. Make sure each part is properly connected and secured.
  • Reconnect the Battery: After the installation is complete, reconnect the vehicle's negative cable and make sure all connections are tight.
  • Test: Start the vehicle and let the engine run for a few minutes to check for any abnormalities. If everything is OK, carry out a road test to ensure that there are no problems with the installation of the EGR Delete Kit.

Precautions and solutions to common problems

  • Follow instructions: Make sure you follow the installation instructions for the EGR Delete Kit to avoid mistakes.
  • Check seals: During installation, take special care to ensure that all connections are well sealed to prevent gas leakage.
  • Attention to detail: During the installation process, take care to observe and check each part and connection to make sure everything is in order.

Learn more about the EGR Delete Kit, including common problems and solutions. Click on the next section to continue learning!

8. Conclusion

EGR delete kits for Dodge Cummins offer an effective way to boost performance and optimise your engine. By installing an EGR delete kit, you can enjoy higher horsepower and torque, improved fuel economy, and longer engine life. However, it's important to note that EGR deletion comes with certain legal risks and environmental liabilities. When deciding whether or not to install an EGR delete kit, be sure to weigh the pros and cons and ensure that you comply with local laws and regulations to protect the environment and yourself.

If you have any questions about EGR delete kits or other car modifications, please feel free to contact our team of experts and we will be happy to help and support you.

By the end of this article, I'm sure you've gained a better understanding of EGR delete kits and their use on Dodge Cummins. Whether you're looking to enhance your driving experience or seeking higher performance, we hope this article has provided you with valuable information and guidance.

Closing Note: Thank you for reading this article. If you have any comments or suggestions on the content of this article, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

This article was designed to provide you with comprehensive information about EGR Deletion Kits to help you make an informed decision. If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us. Thanks!



Q1: What does an EGR delete do on a Cummins?

A1: An EGR delete on a Cummins removes the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, allowing for cleaner airflow into the engine and reducing carbon buildup, thus improving performance and fuel efficiency.

Q2: Is EGR delete good for diesel? 

A2: Yes, an EGR delete can be beneficial for diesel engines as it enhances performance by optimizing air-fuel ratio and reducing carbon buildup, resulting in improved horsepower and torque.

Q3: Is the EGR delete kit worth it?

A3: The worth of an EGR delete kit depends on individual preferences and circumstances. While it can significantly improve engine performance, one must consider legal implications and environmental concerns before deciding if it's worth it.

Q4: What are the disadvantages of EGR delete?

A4: The disadvantages of EGR delete include potential legal issues due to violation of emissions regulations, increased NOx emissions, voiding of vehicle warranties, and potential engine component wear due to higher combustion temperatures.

Q5: Does an EGR delete increase horsepower? 

A5: Yes, an EGR delete can increase horsepower by improving combustion efficiency and reducing restrictions in the intake system, allowing for more power to be extracted from the engine.

Q6: Is an EGR delete illegal?

A6: In many jurisdictions, modifying or removing emissions control systems like the EGR system is illegal as it violates environmental regulations. However, regulations vary by region, so it's essential to check local laws before proceeding with an EGR delete.

Q7: Can EGR delete improve fuel efficiency?

A7: Yes, EGR delete can improve fuel efficiency by optimizing air-fuel mixture and reducing carbon buildup, allowing the engine to operate more efficiently and consume less fuel for the same amount of work.

Q8: Will EGR delete cause my engine to fail emissions tests?

A8: Yes, removing the EGR system can cause your vehicle to fail emissions tests as it increases NOx emissions, which are a primary target of emissions regulations. This can result in legal consequences and vehicle registration issues.

Q9: How much does it cost to install an EGR delete kit? 

A9: The cost of installing an EGR delete kit can vary depending on factors such as the vehicle make and model, the kit's quality, and labor charges. Generally, it can range from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.

Q10: Are there any alternatives to EGR delete for improving engine performance?

A10: Yes, there are alternative methods for improving engine performance, such as tuning the engine's electronic control unit (ECU), upgrading the intake and exhaust systems, and installing performance-enhancing components like turbochargers or intercoolers. These methods may offer similar benefits without the legal and environmental risks associated with EGR delete.

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