SPELAB Membership Program Announcement

Hey SPELAB Family!

Can you believe it's been nearly 5 incredible years since we embarked on this SPELAB journey together?

Through every storm and challenge, your unwavering trust and support have been our guiding lights. You've been there, witnessing the phenomenal growth of SPELAB.

As a token of gratitude for the unwavering support from our original customers, we've prepared something special—exclusive perks, new product test slots, and even some fantastic discounts.

But we believe in inclusivity, and our newbies won't be left out! First-time shoppers have a chance to win discount vouchers in our registration lottery.

SPELAB Membership Program Announcement BLOG

We understand that sometimes the timing of our promotions has been as unpredictable as a roaring engine! No worries, though.

We've collaborated with SPELAB's finest – our store manager, the customer care crew, and the tech wizards – to create something extraordinary.

After three months of brainstorming, we are thrilled to introduce the new SPELAB Membership Program.

This is a game-changer for all you SPELAB enthusiasts, whether you're a seasoned champion or a fresh face in the crew. Ready for a rollercoaster ride of surprises?

Let's dive into the details of the SPELAB VIP experience.

etails of the SPELAB VIP experience

Next, I'll walk you through the membership rules step by step, demonstrating how to earn and use points. But first...

How to Become a SPELAB VIP

Registration is the key. Head to our website, create an account, or log in if you're already part of the family.

SPELAB-create an account-1
SPELAB-create an account-2
SPELAB-create an account-3
SPELAB-create an account-4

How to Rack Up Those VIP Points

SPELAB-create an account-5

SPELAB-create an account-6

1.Every $10 spent earns you a cool point. Spend and score, it's that simple!

2.Registering an account drops 20 points into your VIP basket.

3.Subscribe to our newsletter and snag an extra 10 points. We promise, our emails are worth it!

4.Be our social media rockstar—follow us on FB, stalk us on Insta, and pocket 10 points each.

You got it! A solid 50 points just for signing up and staying connected. (Equivalent to spending $500 to get 50 points) But here's the kicker – different spending tiers unlock bonus points, so the more you indulge, the more points rain down.

VIP Point Jackpot: Coupons Galore

Get ready to splurge because those hard-earned points can be cashed in for some discounts:

 SPELAB-create an account-7

SPELAB-create an account-8

100 points = $30 coupon

300 points = $90 coupon

500 points = $150 coupon

1000 points = $300 coupon

Flash Deals & Surprises

Hold on to your seatbelts! VIP Days and special events mean flash deals with insane discounts. Miss these (For example, you can get double points for shopping on the 24th of every month), and you're missing out big time!

SPELAB-create an account-9

Bring Your Crew – VIP Style

Share the SPELAB love with your crew! Send them your personalized link, and you score a killer 15% discount while they get a sweet $10 off. Win-win, right?

SPELAB-create an account-10

SPELAB-create an account-12

After your friends receive the link you shared, they can receive a $10 discount coupon by opening the link in their browser.

SPELAB-create an account-11

Your friend can save $10 by entering the discount code when shopping. What's more important is that you can not only share it with one friend, but every friend you share with can get a $10 coupon. But it cannot be used together with other general coupons.

SPELAB-create an account-13

Unlock VIP Status Like a Boss

Spend like there's no tomorrow, and watch your VIP status skyrocket:

SPELAB-create an account-14

Bronze: Spend over $1000, receive a commemorative coin and redeem coupons and products in this members area.

SPELAB-create an account-15

Silver: Hit the $3000 mark and unlock some serious perks. In addition, you are entitled to logistics services and can receive your products within 2-7 days.

SPELAB-create an account-16

Gold: Splash out $5000 and get the royal treatment. Get a birthday blessing and gift from spelab.

SPELAB-create an account-17

Supreme King: Only the big spenders dropping $10,000 get this VIP crown. It's a whole new level! Get one-on-one customer service.

SPELAB-create an account-22

Unlocking each tier means unlocking exclusive services and surprises. You can get a new privilege, which can be superimposed on the privileges of a member. The journey is the reward!

Your VIP Dashboard

SPELAB-create an account-21

Check out your VIP Points and redeemed coupons. It's your personal command center for all things SPELAB.

 SPELAB-create an account-19

Once you make that SPELAB purchase, don't just stop there—shout it out to the world! We're talking about leaving a review, and we're sweetening the deal big time.

Snap a real pic of your SPELAB gear, mention the product name (like to 2018 ram 2500 delete kit), and boom—you're scoring a cool 10 points. Sure, it might seem like a handful, but trust us, it's the kind of feedback that fuels the SPELAB community.

SPELAB review

Now, pay attention, rockstars:

We're rolling out some epic VIP plans, and while our VIP app is leveling up with fresh features, there's a bit of a teaser for you. Some game-changing moves are set to drop in March 2024 (or thereabouts). Imagine birthday points doubling up—yup, it's coming your way, starting March!

Oh, and about those review points, we're cooking up a tracking feature. While we're in the oven, connect with our SPELAB customer service for exclusive perks. Stickers, anyone?

Now, let's talk achievements—those commemorative coins, the logistics magic, and the VIP zone. Hold your horses; these babies will be taking a rain check for now. But don't sweat it; we're just getting started!

pay attention

Feedback time, champs:

SPELAB thrives on your vibes. This VIP extravaganza is all about sprinkling surprises into your SPELAB moments, especially when there's no promo buzz around.

Got game-changing ideas? Drop them like it's hot in the comments. If it's golden, we're grabbing it.

And hey, we've got a squad of testing magicians running the show, but we're real people, and sometimes glitches happen.

Hit up our customer service at service@spelabautoparts.com, and we'll have your back faster than you can rev that engine. Oh, and when you spill the tea, make it a pic or video.

There's compensation and rewards waiting for the MVPs. Thanks for being legends, and buckle up for the SPELAB joyride!

Collaboration Announcement

SPELAB is on the lookout for passionate automotive enthusiasts who love crafting articles! We are willing to compensate for article usage rights or even provide complimentary products (negotiable).


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Content must be related to SPELAB store products (e.g., EGR delete kit).

Include at least 3 high-quality, clear images.

Optional: You may choose to insert a video (not mandatory).

Original content only; no tool-generated submissions.

Contact: partners@spelabautoparts.com


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