What is a differential cover?

What is a differential cover?

Differential cover needs to adequately cover the gears to prevent dirt, dust and moisture from reaching them and the fluid within.
Most OEM covers are made from cast or stamped metals which are easy to break.
If you’re a SUV or truck owner,you shouldn’t overlook a performance differential cover which can offer significant advantages.heavy-duty differential covers can get their strength from their thickness while protacting your car in bad environment.


How to select a differential cover?

① Select relative internal shape of the factory cover to promote appropriate fluid flow.
② You can buy a cover with more fluid capacity to allows the differential to run cooler, and the extra fluid capacity allows for longer change intervals.
③ Select a aluminum differential cover.aluminum differential cover increases mechanical rigidity and adds additional cooling capacity,which is strong enough to reduce wear rates and damage during severe loading conditions. you can select a differential cover which incorporates more complicated design elements and the larger cover size to reduce the oil temperature.

The benefits of changing a strong differential cover

① A stronger differential cover can provides more protection during impacts, and increases the rigidity of the axle and differential,which can provide extra safety for pickup owners with high-horsepower engines or for those who head off-road
② Improve strength and cooling.
③ Enables adding a temperature gauge to your dash, which allows you to judge your towing conditions and gear-oil life based on the temperature.
④ Makes it easier to change gear-oil and to check gear-oil level and condition.

Operation problems

① Start too fast, the car inertia force
② Emergency braking, often the right foot brake pedal first, may appear before the power cut-off brake phenomenon. After the axle shaft is stopped by braking, the engine power is still driving the differential, resulting in the damage of the hollow Journal of the differential cover due to sudden impact.
③ Overload operation. Differential cover bolt loose, foreign matter squeezed between gears, etc. will cause damage to differential cover.

Installation instructions and methods to prevent damage of differential cover

Installs in about one hour.
① Using washers to seal is’nt the best way to insure against leaks
② Use fill-plug and drain-plug correctly to balance the difference between recommended fill level and the total amount of fluid when you are trying to change a new differential cover.
③ Operating temperature is the key factor in lubricant properties and life,and recommended lubricants run cooler and minimize wear, while providing extended drain-interval life.Use recommended lubricants and use suitable lube in winter to avoid excessive viscosity.
④ During repair and installation, the quality of parts and assembly technology should be strictly controlled. During manufacture and repair, the correct fit clearance between parts should be ensured, which is not only convenient for installation and disassembly, but also good for stress, reducing wear and preventing fracture.
⑤ Clean inside of axle housing thoroughly,clean and remove foreign matters before changing clean lubricating oil.
⑥ Adjust the free stroke of the clutch and brake pedals correctly. It is better to adjust the free stroke of the clutch pedal to less than 50% of the free stroke of the two brake pedals.
⑦ Keep driving carefully.


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