How to deal with a car puncture urgently?

A tire burst suddenly while driving, most people will panic.When a puncture occurs, many subconscious remedies are all harmful to no benefit, such as: turning the steering wheel abruptly and braking vigorously, especially at high speeds, which will be more dangerous.

Below we will teach you some first aid methods:
Hold the steering wheel tightly, do nothing else, wait for the vehicle to stabilize, then slowly brake and leave the main road. Remember not to brake in an emergency, so as not to flick or roll over due to uneven braking force.



If it is a front tire puncture:

The front wheel is related to the steering of the car. A puncture will have a great impact on the driving route of the car. Therefore, after a puncture of the front wheel, you should hold the steering wheel urgently, wait until it is stable, and then slowly brake and drive away from the main road. Remember not to slam the steering wheel repeatedly, and do not step on the sudden brake. If you are on a high speed, turn on the double flash as soon as it stops, and put a warning triangle 150 meters behind the vehicle to prevent secondary accidents.

If it is a puncture on the rear wheel:

Hold the steering wheel, and then repeatedly step on the brake pedal (do not use excessive force), so that the center of gravity of the car can be moved forward and the front tire is stressed, thereby reducing the pressure on the burst tire.

If you don’t have a spare tire and you can’t find a repair shop nearby, you should turn on the double flash and walk slowly to the repair shop for help. If you have a spare tire, find a flat hard ground (avoid slopes) to replace it.



What kind of tires are prone to blowouts?


1. Retread tires

The steel wire and sail line in the tire have been aging, and the tire rubber has insufficient elasticity. When inflating or driving, the risk of tire blowout is high, and performance and safety are not guaranteed.

2. Expired tires

Tyres that have been in the factory for more than 4 years, whether used or not, have been scrapped. When buying new tires, look for the factory time. It is best to choose new tires that have been out of the factory for less than a year. The same applies to spare tires. Replace them in time when they expire.

3. Bulged tires

Avoid using bulged tires, because the sails on the sidewalls have broken, and there is a risk of tire blowouts at any time. Note that it is easy to bulge when walking on bumpy roads or pressing on curbs.

4. Tires with high tire pressure

Every car has a prescribed safety tire pressure, so avoid over-inflation.


How to avoid a puncture in advance?

1. Usually check the tires, check the tire pressure, observe whether the side of the tire is cracked, and the degree of tread wear.

2. Install a tire pressure monitoring system on the car. This system consists of four professional tire valve cores and a display screen. When installing, replace the valve core of the original tire and put the display in the car. When driving, the display will display the tire pressure and temperature of the four tires. If there is an abnormality, the instrument will automatically alarm to prevent tire blowouts.

3. Do anti-tire treatment. A protective film is sprayed on the inner wall of the tire. When the tire encounters a sharp object, the tire will not be broken down and leak air.

4. Rotate the tires regularly, so as to make the tire wear as evenly as possible. It is recommended to perform rotation every 5000 kilometers and four-wheel alignment every 5000-10000 kilometers to avoid using tires of different models or large differences between old and new on the same axle.

5. Regularly correct the wheel balance. The unbalance of the vehicle is serious, and high-frequency oscillation will occur when driving at high speed, which will cause severe wear of individual tires, which is not conducive to driving safety. Therefore, after tire repair, balance inspection and adjustment should be done in time.

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