When A Car Is More Than A Car

When A Car Is More Than A Car----FIA Formula 1 World Championship(F1)

Tonight's F1 Silverstone Grand Prix, Hamilton and Verstappen "fight against each other" in the championship battle. As a result, an accident occurred. Verstappen horribly crashed and retired. The old man received a 10 second penalty. Red Bull Racing Marko think: Hamilton should be banned!

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Although the tournament ruled that Hamilton was the "culprit" of the accident and gave him a penalty of 10 seconds, Marco, who was furious, believed that stricter sanctions were justified.

In an interview with foreign media just now, Marco said that the crash between Hamilton and Vestaben was abnormal and accused the world champion of dangerous driving.

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"If a driver touches our rear wheels a lot with his front wheel, then the fastest turn on the field will no longer be a racing accident! This is a negligence of dangerous behavior."

When someone hinted to him that Mei Ben thought Tapan was the culprit in the car accident, Marco said: "Then they are all blind! The video clearly shows this. He hit our back right with the left front wheel. Round, put Verstappen into the fence."

Red Bull revealed that Verstappen was hit by a 51G collision. At the same time, Horner also sent a message to F1 race director Michael Massey, stating that Hamilton should be fully responsible for the crash.

He said: "As far as I am concerned, Hamilton should be blamed entirely. He shouldn't be in such a situation. Thankfully, he walked away unscathed. So, I hope you can handle this matter properly."

Fortunately, fortunately 33 is not a big problem. There has also been a lot of controversy about the time penalty for the old man. Do you think that the penalty of 10 seconds is reasonable?

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