What happens if the mass air flow sensor is bad?

Most newly manufactured vehicles are equipped with electronic engine controls that ensures the engie is using correct amount of fuel. To enable this feature, there are various sensors integrated including mass air fuel sensors, camshaft position sensors, and fuel injectors.

 Mass air fuel sensor take care of how much quantity of a air mass flow reaches the engine. In case it stops working properly, it will impact fuel injection process negatively. In this article, we are going to discuss what are the signs that shows your mass air fuel sensor has gone bad. Also, we will discuss how to get rid of it.

Signs Of Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor

  • Engine Light

You will notice one of the warnings indications available in your vehicle has been turned off. Although it can happen due to wiring issue or troubled codes but usually engine light doesn’t turn on when mass air flow sensor has gone bad.

  • Trouble In Acceleration

If you find trouble during acceleration, especially when you are driving on a freeway, then the reason could be a bad mass air flow sensor. It happens because fuel isn’t reaching the engine properly. 

  • Fuel Efficiency Reduces

Keep an eye on your fuel consumption. If you are visiting fuel pumps more than usual, then there are high chances that your mass air flow sensor has gone bad as it is consuming a lot of fuel.

  • Exhaust System

Usually when this sensor turns bad, it can cause dark smoke from your vehicle. Keep an eye on the exhaust system of your vehicle and fix the mass air flow sensors as soon as possible.

  • Trouble In Starting Vehicle

Forget about driving the vehicle, if you face trouble while starting a vehicle, then the reason could be a bad mass air flow. Usually when the sensor has been damaged, it requires a lot more fuel to start a vehicle and gives you immense difficultly to even take your vehicle out of the garage or parking lot.

How To Get Rid Of A Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor

Specific Mass Air Flow Sensors Cleaner. It is recommended to use a cleaner that is specifically made to clean the mass air flow sensors. This may help you to get rid of the problem.

 Replace The Air Filter. You can also try to remove dust from air filter by blowing it and if it doesn’t fix the problem, then you may consider replacing the air filter.

 Replace The Mass Air Flow Sensor. If both the above options doesn’t work, then you should replace the mass air flow sensor of your vehicle.


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