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SPELAB is a professional EGR/DPF delete shop as well as a comprehensive aftermarket auto parts. It contains the following key products:


Boosts engine, removes limits

EGR Delete

Improved Fuel Economy

DPF delete pipe

Increasing the overall fuel mileage

CCV reroute

Clean up your engine bay

AIR intake

Deliver the maximum power gains


Reduce air intake temperatures

Intercooler Pipe

Provide as much cooling


Connect manifold with the turbo


Turbo operate more effectively

SPELAB Intake/Exhaust System

SPELAB's intake/exhaust auto parts include both stock parts and performance modifications, with exhaust cutouts being very popular.

Exhaust cutout

Release the Sound of your car

Exhaust Header

More horsepower and sound


More horsepower and sound

Intake Manifold

Cooled by the engine's water jacket


Connect turbo with the rest pipe

CUSTOM Exhaust

Cut and weld to your heart's content

Cat-Back Exhaust

Producing strong, deep sound


Ultimate Design, Beautiful Sound


SPELAB Design,Beautiful Sound

Our Latest Product

Mini Maxx V2 Delete Tuner (EGR/DPF/DEF)| SPELAB
Mini Maxx V2 Delete Tuner (EGR/DPF/DEF)| SPELAB
Mini Maxx V2 Delete Tuner (EGR/DPF/DEF)| SPELAB
Mini Maxx V2 Delete Tuner (EGR/DPF/DEF)| SPELAB
New Arrival
Mini Maxx V2 Delete Tuner (EGR/DPF/DEF)| SPELAB
Mini Maxx V2 Delete Tuner (EGR/DPF/DEF)| SPELAB
Mini Maxx V2 Delete Tuner (EGR/DPF/DEF)| SPELAB
Mini Maxx V2 Delete Tuner (EGR/DPF/DEF)| SPELAB

Mini Maxx V2 Delete Tuner (EGR/DPF/DEF)| SPELAB

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Vehicle Fitment:

2007.5 - 2021 Dodge RAM 6.7L Cummins
2008 - 2019 Ford Powerstroke 6.4L & 6.7L
2007.5-2016 LMM LML 6.6L Duramax


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GMC/Chevrolet 6.6L Diesel

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How can you choose the perfect aluminum differential cover for your truck?

Enhance your truck's performance with the perfect aluminum differential cover. Choosing between the SPELAB Billet Aluminum Differential Cover and Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover Kit is crucial for truck owners. These covers offer essential features like efficient heat dissipation, superior cooling performance, and effective lubrication. The right cover significantly impacts your truck's functionality and longevity, making it a vital investment.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the SPELAB Billet Aluminum Differential Cover ensures durability and strength, ideal for off-road adventures and heavy-duty usage. Its precision-engineered construction guarantees a precise fit, minimizing leaks and enhancing performance. Featuring advanced cooling fins and improved aerodynamics, it enhances fuel efficiency.

Compared to the Banks Ram-Air, the SPELAB Billet Aluminum Differential Cover offers unique material and construction for superior performance and durability.

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