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How to Purchase the Best Cold Air Intake?


  1. Introduction
  2. Limitations of OEM Cold Air Intake Pipes
  3. Upgraded Air Intake Pipes: Breaking Performance Barriers
  4. Choosing Upgraded Air Intake Pipes
  5. SPELAB: The Best Choice for Upgrades
  6. Common Air Intake Pipe Problems

In automotive engineering, the air intake system plays a crucial role by providing the engine with the necessary air to support the combustion process. However, many drivers encounter common issues with their air intake systems, with the limitations of the intake manifold being particularly prominent. Fortunately, upgrading air intake pipes has proven to be an effective solution to these problems, significantly enhancing vehicle performance and driving experience.


what is a cold air intake



Limitations of OEM Cold Air Intake Pipes

  1. Design Restrictions: OEM cold air intake pipes are typically designed to meet general engineering requirements, prioritizing fuel economy and emission control, with some limitations in performance. Their design may not fully optimize airflow, thereby restricting the engine's potential performance.
  2. Material and Manufacturing Quality: OEM intake pipes may use standard materials and manufacturing processes, which can affect their durability and performance. In contrast, upgraded intake pipes typically employ higher quality materials and more precise manufacturing processes to provide better performance and reliability.
  3. Inadequate Temperature Control: OEM intake pipes may have inadequate temperature control, leading to higher intake air temperatures. High temperatures reduce oxygen density, affecting combustion efficiency, power output, and fuel economy.

Upgraded Air Intake Pipes: Breaking Performance Barriers

Upgraded air intake pipes have become the preferred solution to overcome the limitations of OEM intake manifolds, with advantages including:

Increased Horsepower Output

Upgraded cold air intake pipes can optimize airflow, increase oxygen supply, improve combustion efficiency, and boost horsepower output. Depending on different upgrade designs and vehicle conditions, horsepower gains of approximately 5% to 15% can be achieved.

how much horsepower does cold air intake add?


Enhanced Torque Output:

Upgraded cold air intake pipes may also increase torque output, especially in low-speed regions, making vehicles more explosive and responsive. Generally, torque gains may range from 5% to 10%.

  • Improved Throttle Response and Acceleration Performance:

Optimized intake pipe designs can improve throttle response, making vehicles more responsive and enhancing acceleration performance, particularly in mid to low-speed ranges.

  • Optimized Fuel Economy

While the primary goal of upgrades is to enhance performance, they may also improve fuel economy. By more effectively supplying oxygen, upgraded cold air intake pipes can sometimes enable engines to utilize fuel more efficiently, enhancing fuel economy.

Choosing Upgraded Air Intake Pipes

For many drivers, opting for upgraded air intake pipes is a wise decision. By replacing OEM intake manifolds with a minimal cost, they can achieve greater performance enhancements. Currently, there are cold air intake pipes available in the market compatible with engines such as Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke, EcoDiesel, etc., ensuring compatibility with various vehicle models. However, when selecting upgraded air intake pipes, it's important to consider key factors such as material, diameter, design, and manufacturing quality.

SPELAB: The Best Choice for Upgrades

Among numerous aftermarket brands, SPELAB stands out as the top choice for drivers. It boasts several advantages:

Competitive Pricing

When you search "cold air intake" on Google Chrome, you'll find that SPELAB offers competitive prices.

cold air intake price

Excellent Product Quality

Performance Enhancement

The intake kit helps the engine intake more cold air, improving throttle response and increasing explosive horsepower output. This means significant improvements in acceleration and power response for vehicles.


cold air intake kit


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Lightweight Materials:

The intake pipes are made of lightweight T-304 aluminum and polished to ensure strength, durability, and enhanced appearance.

Enhanced Airflow:

The kit allows maximum airflow through the OEM intake manifold system while producing a deep sporty sound, adding excitement to the driving experience.

Improved Throttle Response:

Equipped with high-quality cone-shaped air filters that are washable and reusable, effectively enhancing throttle response in the entire mid to low-speed range, making vehicles more responsive.

Increased Horsepower and Torque:

After installing this intake kit, you can achieve a 7-10% increase in horsepower and a 6-8% increase in torque, delivering more powerful output for vehicles.

Easy Installation:

Easy installation and removal with simple tools, no additional parts required, making it convenient and quick.

Cold Air Intake System

Repositioning the filter outside the engine bay to provide the lowest intake temperature. This helps increase oxygen content in the air, promoting more complete combustion and generating greater power output.

Cold air intake System


Custom Adjustments: 

Adjusting the length and diameter of the intake pipes to match engine resonance, maximizing power gains, and providing optimal performance throughout the entire RPM range. Solving Air Intake System Issues: The Weapon of Upgraded Air Intake Pipes.

SPELAB's Customer-Friendly Services

SPELAB is a store committed to providing quality service, ensuring both pre-sales and after-sales support:

  • Free Shipping
  • Support for Returns and Refunds for any product issues
  • Free consultations before and after sales. If you're considering modifying your car, unsure about purchase sizes, or need a modification plan, you can get advice from SPELAB's official Facebook page or in their store, and you'll receive a response within 48 hours

SPELAB's Reviews

Overall, SPELAB is a reputable store with a long operating history, diverse product offerings, and a good reputation on review platforms.

SPELAB's Reviews

Common Air Intake Pipe Problems

In addition to providing the potential for performance enhancement, air intake pipes may also encounter some common issues. These problems include air leaks, blockages, looseness, and vibrations. To maintain the normal operation of the intake system, vehicle owners should regularly inspect and promptly address these issues.

Cold Air Intake FQA

Q: What are some potential issues with a cold air intake system?

A: One potential issue is the exposure of the filter to debris and moisture due to its location outside the engine bay.


Q: Are there any precautions to consider before installing a cold air intake?

A: Yes, it's crucial to determine whether your vehicle requires tuning, especially if you're opting for a tune-required cold air intake with larger tube diameters.


Q: Should I tune my engine if I switch to a cold air intake?

A: Tuning your engine may be necessary, particularly if you replace the intake manifold, as changes to the intake can affect airflow dynamics over the sensor in modern vehicles with mass airflow sensors.


Q: What performance enhancements can be expected from a modified cold air intake?

A: A modified cold air intake can enhance vehicle responsiveness by delivering denser air to the engine, thereby improving acceleration and overall performance.


Q: Can certain types of cold air intakes lead to long-term engine damage?

A: Yes, certain types, such as those with steel mesh and cotton filters, may gradually damage engines over time if not properly maintained.


Q: Is engine tuning necessary when upgrading to a cold air intake system?

A: Yes, engine tuning is typically necessary to ensure proper compensation for changes in airflow when upgrading to a cold air intake system.


Q: Are there specific factors to be mindful of when installing a cold air intake?

A: Yes, it's essential to ensure proper installation to prevent air leaks and maintain the intake system regularly to prevent debris buildup.


Q: How does the location of the air filter impact its effectiveness in a cold air intake system?

A: The location outside the engine bay allows the filter to draw in cooler, denser air, but it also exposes it to more debris and moisture, potentially affecting its effectiveness.


Q: What risks are associated with not properly maintaining a cold air intake?

A: Not properly maintaining a cold air intake can lead to decreased performance, engine damage from debris buildup, and potential intake system failures.


Q: Which types of vehicles benefit most from cold air intake modifications?

A: Cold air intake modifications may benefit a wide range of vehicles seeking improved acceleration and performance, but the extent of the benefits can vary depending on the vehicle's make, model, and engine specifications.

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