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What Is EGR Delete?

If you are looking for a solid way to upgrade your car’s performance, you may want to consider an EGR Delete kit. What is EGR, you may ask? EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation, and it is used in both gasoline and diesel engines to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. This is good for both your car and for the environment. However, they come with some big downsides. That is why an EGR delete kit has become popular. Buckle up as we take a look at the process and the various benefits that EGR delete can bring.

How does it work?

What does EGR delete do? An EGR delete kit is an aftermarket performance mod. It will essentially remove a small part of the EGR valve, and it stops the exhaust from being redirected back to the engine. Keep in mind that this will affect several different aspects of your engine performance. Let’s look into the pros and cons and use these to judge whether this is the best move for you and your car.


Here are some of the cool things that will happen when you install your EGR delete.

  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Lower engine temps
  • Enhanced throttle response
  • Longer engine life
  • Fewer vehicle breakdowns
  • Maximized engine power


With everything that has an upside, there will always be a downside.

  • For starters…these are illegal in the United States
  • May lose a bit of horsepower
  • Possibility of failing an MOT test
  • EGR might get stuck open
  • Engine may knock a little
  • Could activate your “Check Engine” light
  • Will cause higher pollution levels

Different Types of EGR Delete Kits

There are several kinds of these EGR delete kits on the market for you to find. You can find specialized 6.0L EGR delete kits for your Powerstroke engine, you can find a 6.7 EGR delete kit for your Cummins pickup truck. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here at Spelab Auto Parts!

Here is the biggest thing to remember with EGR delete kits is this: you need to make sure that the pros outweigh the cons for your wants/needs. The fact that it is illegal in the US based on pollution factors should be something that you bear in mind. If you are in the US and don’t want to get into legal trouble with the EPA, then research other ways to get some of these same benefits without removing your EGR system. If you’re anywhere else, just try to balance your pollution in other ways.

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