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Electric Cutouts: The Secret to Giving Your Engine a Voice

  • Author: SPELAB Mechanical Engineer (focusing on car modification for 10 years)

Nothing transforms the sound and feel of your ride more dramatically than adding electric exhaust cutouts. With the flip of a switch or press of a button, you can unleash the true voice of your engine - turning a mild-mannered commuter into a snarling performance beast.

Understanding What Electric Cutouts Are and How They Work

An electric cutout is a device installed in the exhaust system. They allow the driver to divert exhaust gases away from the muffler. This gives the vehicle a louder and more aggressive sound.

To bypass the muffler, electric cutouts use a small motor. With the flip of a switch, the driver can control them. This control enables a free flow of exhaust gases directly out of the pipe.

Non-electric cutouts, on the other hand, must be manually adjusted. They can't be operated from inside the vehicle. It's a less convenient approach and lacks the on-the-fly adjustability that electric cutouts offer.Electric Cutouts The Secret to Giving Your Engine a Voice

The allure of electric cutouts is the ability to change the exhaust sound at will. When open, they unleash a deep roar. When closed, the vehicle retains its factory sound.

Reviewing the Main Benefits of Adding Electric Cutouts to Your Vehicle

Electric cutouts boost the engine's horsepower and torque. Opening the cutout reduces back pressure, enhancing performance.

The customizable exhaust tone is another advantage. Drivers can fine-tune the sound to match their mood or driving style.

Want a quiet drive to work? Close the cutout. For a more spirited ride, open it. The choice is yours.

Some drivers love the roar of an open exhaust. Others prefer a milder sound. Electric cutouts offer the best of both worlds.

Convenience is a key feature of electric cutouts. A switch inside the car controls them, making adjustments a breeze.

Controlling Your Vehicle's Electric Cutouts

Remote control options give you power over electric cutouts from a distance. A small handheld device can control the cutouts with ease.

Smartphone apps are another innovation for controlling electric cutouts. The exhaust sound can be adjusted with a few taps on your phone.

Manual switches may seem old-school but they offer robust control. Installed inside the car, they provide a direct link to the cutouts.

Automatic control by RPM or temperature is a sophisticated approach. These sensors trigger adjustments, aligning the exhaust with the engine's needs.

Combining several control options may suit some drivers. It provides flexibility and ensures that the cutouts always function as intended.

The Exhaust Sound Effects Achievable with Electric Cutouts

Electric cutouts lead to a notable volume increase in the exhaust. A press of a button can unleash the engine's full auditory potential.

A deeper, raspy, and aggressive tone is achievable, especially when combined with a 6.7 cummins delete kit. It's a symphony for car enthusiasts.

The pops and crackles created by electric cutouts give the car character. It's like adding a touch of wildness to the exhaust note.

Using baffles allows for precise control over the sound. Manipulating the exhaust flow creates a wide range of auditory experiences.

These changes in exhaust sound don't just appeal to the driver. Passersby will also notice the car's presence, thanks to electric cutouts.Electric Cutouts The Secret to Giving Your Engine a Voice

Potential Performance Gains with Electric Cutouts

Electric cutouts can lead to HP and torque increases across the powerband. The engine breathes easier, and its efficiency is enhanced.

Optimizing for top-end power vs. low-end torque is a balancing act. With electric cutouts, drivers can fine-tune performance based on their needs.

Improved throttle response is another benefit. Electric cutouts make the car feel more alive and responsive under acceleration.

The cooling effects on the engine and exhaust can't be ignored. By reducing back pressure, electric cutouts help dissipate heat more effectively.

Engine cooling contributes to longevity and performance. A cooler engine runs more efficiently and has a lower risk of heat-related issues.

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Electric Cutouts Working Properly

Inspecting connections is the first step. Make sure all wires and components are securely attached to keep the electric cutouts operational.

Lubricating motors and linkages helps to prevent wear and tear. Regular application of suitable lubricant keeps things moving smoothly.

Cleaning the cutout internals is vital for optimal performance. Dirt and debris can hinder functionality, so occasional cleaning is a must.

Check for leaks in the system periodically. Even a small leak can reduce performance and lead to other issues.

Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning or lubricating. They might damage seals or other sensitive components within the cutouts.

Investing in a professional inspection yearly might be wise. An expert can catch potential problems early and ensure the system is in top shape.

Comparing Electric Cutouts to Other Common Performance Upgrades

Electric cutouts offer a distinct sound control advantage compared to exhaust headers. Headers mainly focus on improving exhaust flow without the sound customization options.

In comparison to cat-back exhausts, electric cutouts provide more flexibility. Cat-back exhausts alter the sound permanently, while cutouts allow adjustable sound levels.Electric Cutouts The Secret to Giving Your Engine a Voice

Compatibility with other bolt-on mods is a highlight of electric cutouts. They can be combined with various performance enhancements without conflict.

Complementary power gains can be achieved with electric cutouts. They work synergistically with other upgrades to optimize the vehicle's performance.

If you're weighing between these upgrades, consider your priorities. Electric cutouts offer sound and slight performance gains, while other options may focus more on power.

Investment in electric cutouts is often more about personalization than sheer performance. Other upgrades might provide bigger power boosts but with less auditory control.


Electric exhaust cutouts transform your ride. With a switch, your ordinary car becomes a snarling beast. It's control and personalization on the road.

Electric cutouts offer versatility and customization. From horsepower to tone, they enhance the driving experience, making it uniquely yours.

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