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New Products - SPELAB Differential Cover

New Products-SPELAB Differential Cover

  • Author: SPELAB Mechanical Engineer (focusing on car modification for 10 years)

Description: Several new differential covers have been added to the SPELAB store in September, and the innovations and product parameters of the differential will be introduced in the blog. Also includes the difference between aftermarket differential cover and OE. How to install the differential cover, and where to pay attention.

Summary: Several new differential covers have been added to the SPELAB store in September, and the innovations and product parameters of the differential will be introduced in the blog. Also includes the difference between aftermarket differential cover and OE. How to install the differential cover, and where to pay attention.

New Products-SPELAB Differential Cover

Spelab is constantly expanding new products according to the needs of car tuning enthusiasts, and in August, we will be launching 5 products in one category - Differential Cover.

A brief overview of the differential cover and differentials

From the name, you can know that the differential cover is the protective shell of the differential. It mainly serves as both physical and chemical protection. Its role will be described in more detail later.

The differential is responsible for distributing torque (power) from the engine to the wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds. speeds when turning.

Regarding a few new products coming out from Spelab, they all have aftermarket accessories in common, so if you're a tuner car enthusiast, I think you'd prefer aftermarket accessories.

Aftermarket & OEM Parts

An aftermarket differential and an original (OEM) differential refer to different types of differentials that can be used in a vehicle's drivetrain system. Here's a comparison of the two:

Original (OEM) Differential: OEM differentials might have specific features or designs tailored to the vehicle model's requirements and are intended to provide a balance between performance, durability, and comfort.

1. Originate

OEM differentials are the differentials that come installed by the vehicle manufacturer when the vehicle is originally built.

2. Adapter

They are designed to meet the manufacturer's specifications and are typically chosen based on factors like the vehicle's intended use, power output, and performance characteristics.

3. Performances

OEM differentials are engineered to work seamlessly with the vehicle's other components, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

4. Aftermarket

They are generally covered by the vehicle's warranty and are often built to a specific quality standard.

Aftermarket Differential:

1. Originate

Aftermarket differentials are differentials that are not provided by the original vehicle manufacturer but are instead produced by third-party companies.

2. Performances

Aftermarket differentials can come in a variety of designs, materials, and features that may not be available in OEM options.

They are often designed to offer specialized performance improvements, such as increased strength, better traction, or enhanced cooling for specific use cases like racing, off-roading, or heavy towing.

They provide vehicle owners with customization options, allowing them to choose a differential that matches their specific driving needs and preferences.

3. Aftermarket

Some aftermarket differentials might require modifications or adjustments to fit properly in a vehicle, and installation might be more complex than simply replacing an OEM part.

Aftermarket differentials might not always be covered by the vehicle's original warranty and could have their own warranty terms from the aftermarket manufacturer.

SPELAB Rear Differential Cover Billet Aluminium Alloy 8.8" Differential Cover for Ford with 10 Bolts

SPELAB Rear Differential Cover fits any Ford Mustang (1979-2014) with a ford 8.8-inch rear end. Since this is a new product, Spelab has provided a specific discount coupon, with a certain discount coupon, When you buy a Spelab differential cover enter "COVER20" will receive a 20% discount!

New Products - SPELAB Differential Cover 20% discount


Increases Strength, Prevents Side Load Bearing Deflection

10 Bolt Cover

Direct Bolt-on Replacement

Dissipates Heat - Increase Gear Life

Decreases Ring Gear Deflection

Necessary Bolts, and Washers Included

Technical Details:

Brand Name: SPELAB

Model Number: SPOS00889

OEM Part Number: 69501

Material: Aluminium alloy

Color: Black

Weight: 3325g

Fitment: 11-14 V6; 86-14 V8, Excluding 03-04 Cobra & 13-14 GT500


What are the points to look out for when installing a differential cover?

When installing a differential cover, attention to detail is crucial to ensure proper function and prevent leaks. Here's a comprehensive list of points to look out for during the installation process:



 Ensure that both the differential housing and the differential cover's mating surfaces are clean and free of debris, oil, and old gasket material. Use a suitable solvent to clean the surfaces thoroughly.

Gasket or Sealant:

 Choose the appropriate gasket or sealant based on the manufacturer's recommendations. Some covers come with a gasket, while others require the application of a sealant.

Sealant Application:

If using a sealant, apply it evenly and according to the manufacturer's instructions. Applying too much sealant can lead to excess material entering the differential.

Bolt Torque:

Use a torque wrench to tighten the differential cover bolts to the manufacturer's specified torque settings. Over-tightening can damage the cover or housing, while under-tightening can lead to leaks.

Bolt Sequence: 

Tighten the bolts in the recommended sequence to ensure even pressure distribution. This helps prevent warping or distortion of the cover.

Bolt Inspection:

Check the condition of the bolts. Replace any damaged or worn bolts with new ones. It's important to use high-quality, appropriate-grade bolts.

Fluid Drainage:

If needed, drain some of the differential fluid before removing the old cover to avoid spillage.

Fluid Replacement:

After installing the new cover, refill the differential with the correct type and amount of differential fluid. Consult your vehicle's manual for specifications.

Tightness Check:

After a short period of driving, recheck the torque on the differential cover bolts to ensure they remain properly tightened.

Leak Inspection:

Carefully examine the area around the differential cover for any signs of leaks. Address any leaks immediately to prevent fluid loss or contamination.

SPELAB Differential Cover


Test Drive:

Take a test drive to verify that the differential operates smoothly and doesn't produce unusual noises or vibrations.


Ensure that the differential cover doesn't interfere with other components, such as suspension or exhaust parts.

Proper Tools:

Use the correct tools for the job, including torque wrenches, sockets, and any special tools required by the manufacturer.


Always use appropriate safety measures, such as supporting the vehicle securely on jack stands and wearing protective gear.

Reference Materials:

Refer to the vehicle's service manual or manufacturer's instructions for specific guidelines and torque specifications.


The Spelab official sale is on September 15, 2023, and the various new product offers include single product offers and combo offers. The first batch of products is available until they are sold out!

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