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 PCV Reroute Kit: A Must-Have Upgrade for Car Enthusiasts

  • Author: SPELAB Mechanical Engineer (focusing on car modification for 10 years)

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Enhance your vehicle performance, improve fuel economy, and protect your engine, all with just one upgrade. Find out how!


PCV reroutes are becoming popular among car enthusiasts, especially those who own turbocharged engines, because they decrease the risk of oil contamination and engine damage. The PCV reroute kit is designed to reroute the exhaust gasses into the atmosphere instead of going back into the intake manifold of the motor. PCV reroute kit consists of specialized hoses, valves, and fittings that help to throw crankcase gases away from the engine and increase the performance. But before going for this upgrade, you must understand the PCV system and how PCV reroute helps retain the function of your engine. Let's explore!PCV Reroute Kit A Must-Have Upgrade for Car Enthusiasts

Understanding the PCV System

Positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) removes exhaust gases from the crankcase that results when fuel, oil, and vapors slip by the piston rings. The primary function of the PCV system is to redirect these gases into the intake manifold so that they can pass through the combustion process again. PCV valve allows the blow-by gasses to exit the system and fresh air to come into the crankcase. When the gases leave the crankcase, they pass from the positive ventilation pressure, where the PCV hose puts them back into the intake manifold. Moreover, the PCV system reduces 20% of the combustion gases to enter into the atmosphere.

PCV Troubles

Over time, the oil and fuel residues get deposited on the PCV valve, making the outflow of gases difficult. The gases will stay inside the crankcase and result in the rusting of the metal parts of the engine. With a bad PCV valve, your engine performance can suffer in many ways, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Due to the leak in the hose of PVS, you may hear whistling and low sounds from your engine.
  • Misfiring of the engine occurs due to a leak in the vacuum. Misfiring seems like an engine has a vibration to it.
  • The pressure in the crankcase increases when the PCV valve gets clogged due to sludge. This will result in oil leakage from the cylinder through gaskets and seals.
  • The blocked PCV will lead to irregular or bumpy acceleration during high speed and idling.
  • The blocked PCV valve uses more fuel for the combustion of gases. The stuck or blocked PCV valve allows more air to come into the crankcase, resulting in lousy fuel economy.
  • Choosing the Best PCV Reroute Kit

Let's take a close look at different products from various brands and check which solution stands out:

1. VSE 2017-2024 L5P CCV Upgrade Kit

Crankcase ventilation extracts the gases from the crankcase and returns them to the engine for combustion. Once installed, the VSE L5P CCV upgrade kit removes the excess oil from the CCV supply line and improves the engine's performance. This kit has an easy installation process, which hardly takes 30 minutes to complete. Moreover, it completely stops the sludge formation and thoroughly cleans the engine bay and intake piping.PCV Reroute Kit A Must-Have Upgrade for Car Enthusiasts

2. Chevy/GMC Duramax L5P PCV Reroute

This high-quality kit is designed to reroute the combustion gases. Duramax L5P PCV reroute kit eliminates the oil going through the intake into the turbo of your Chevy/GMC Duramax. This will prolong the life of your turbo and save the intercooler system from clogging with oil. It comes with all the PCV fittings and PCV pipe, which gives you hassle-free installation.

3. DMAX VSE L5P CCV Upgrade Kit (2017-2024)

The DMAX store is offering the VSE L5P CCV upgrade kit that will solve all the problems related to stuck gases in the crankcase. CCV reroutes the gases and reduces the pressure in the crankcase. It will prevent the hot air combined with the oil from entering the PCV system. This will keep the engine clean by ensuring no sludge formation. Moreover, it is made up of raw aluminum and black anodized, which gives extra durability.

4. SPELAB 2011-2023 PCV Reroute Engine Ventilation Kit

SPELABP L5P PCV reroute eliminates the unwanted pressure and effectively improves the engine performance. It decreases the oil deposition in the engine, which prevents boot soak and intake gumming. It comes with a 'catch can,' which is compatible with almost every kit available in the market. In addition, the design of the catch can allow minimum pressure drop across the baffles. Overall, this PCV reroute is an excellent choice if you want to remove unwanted gases from your crankcase.

Boost Performance and Save Big!

It’s your chance to boost performance and save big in the process. Experience the full potential of your ride without breaking the bank. Upgrade your vehicle with the high-quality L5p PCV reroute, now available at a wonderful discount. Experience increased engine efficiency, reduced oil accumulation, and improved longevity by installing a PCV reroute kit.

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