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The Development History of SPELAB


SPELAB, this name is not just a brand logo; it's a unique interpretation of automotive accessories for us. It encapsulates the soul of our products: streamlined design, performance-oriented, high efficiency, luxury features, adaptability, and balance. It represents a profound love for driving and a unique understanding of automotive life.

The Development History of SPELAB

SPELAB's Story

Throughout the years, Martin A has been a passionate young individual deeply in love with cars. From a young age, he was fascinated by car toys, enjoyed watching racing films, and held endless curiosity for every car. He wasn't just a car enthusiast but also a dreamer, pursuing the ultimate in car speed and performance.

Starting from his childhood, Martin A self-taught courses on car structures, loved disassembling car models, and even purchased materials to build, all in the pursuit of a higher driving experience. However, as he grew older, he found it challenging to discover car accessories in the market that met his expectations, unable to satisfy his personalized driving experience needs.


This dilemma fueled his entrepreneurial determination. In 2017, Martin A, a rebellious car enthusiast and the son of a factory owner, decided to leave the family business and venture into the automotive accessories field. His goal was to create accessories that would redefine the car upgrading experience—enter SPELAB.


The Development History of SPELAB-1

However, the initial setbacks in entrepreneurship made him deeply realize the complexity of the car accessories market and the fierce competition. Every setback was akin to bumps in the road of driving, yet Martin A did not give up. On the contrary, he viewed each failure as a necessary step on the path forward, a chance to learn.


In early 2019, SPELAB focused on innovative developments in the DPF product line. Market research and model selection were the team's focus areas. However, the fledgling team faced challenges such as limited funds and personnel, along with the challenge of gaining market trust. At a crucial moment, SPELAB's exhaust pipe product unexpectedly succeeded, injecting a dose of confidence into the team and prompting them to reevaluate product positioning and engage in continuous innovative attempts.


This challenging period of inception forged SPELAB, with each member of the startup team harboring a profound love for cars. They chose not to give up because they understood that the entrepreneurial journey is full of obstacles, yet each step of struggle represents a real pursuit of a dream. Their story is not just about an entrepreneur's personal struggle but a true legend of a car enthusiast. SPELAB is not just a brand; it's a collection of a car story filled with hardships and genuine passion—a haven for the philosophy born out of a love for driving.

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Creating a better automotive life

With the continuous growth of our team, we've found a new home and devoted more energy to innovating the DPF product line, introducing a series of eye-catching products. Our pursuit is not only for outstanding performance but also for the utmost perfection in details. SPELAB is committed to providing customers with an excellent driving experience, ensuring their vehicles remain in optimal condition. For example, our independently developed differential cover and valve cover not only have exquisite appearances and upgraded materials but also show a significant improvement in performance.

Innovative Highlights of the Valve Cover:

Adopting maintenance-free CCV vent, replacing the factory CCV (crankcase ventilation) filter. This means you won't need to buy expensive filters when the filter is clogged.

The 6.7 Cummins valve cover can control crankcase pressure at higher speeds, ensuring optimal performance for your truck.

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The Development History of SPELAB-4

Innovative Highlights of the Differential Cover:

Utilizing an external heat dissipation design to increase the contact area between the differential cover and surrounding air, enhancing heat dissipation performance.

Internal guide groove design aligns with the direction of liquid flow when the differential gears rotate, ensuring maximum flow for better lubrication.

Made of aluminum alloy, significantly improving cooling performance compared to commonly used iron materials.

Using an external observation mirror with a floating ball to monitor oil level, ensuring we can monitor the oil level even if the mirror darkens.

External surface with black wrinkle paint for rust resistance.

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These innovations are not only technological breakthroughs but also a relentless pursuit of product quality. We believe that through continuous technological innovation and product upgrades, we can provide customers with an excellent driving experience, ensuring their vehicles remain in optimal condition.

Market Insights and Diversification Strategy

We are not just selling products; we are finding bridges to connect with customers' hearts through market insights. We have launched a differential cover with optimal fluid performance, employing a diversified strategy by fully utilizing online and offline sales channels, participating in exhibitions, and organizing promotional activities to expand market share. We are not just a business; we are partners moving forward hand in hand with customers.


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Future Outlook and Development Goals

SPELAB's future goal is to continuously pursue excellence and surpass itself. We aspire to become a professional brand in the field of diesel pickup truck components, standing at the pinnacle of intense market competition.

User Case Sharing

In this process, we have met many like-minded friends who, together with us, create a beautiful automotive life and provide valuable advice and feedback.

“Cam, i think it would look good all cherry but the letters & puss face. i would leave the ccv plugs raw with the oil cap raw . you have natural aluminum lines that would pop. just my opinion! hell i love the birds of paradise behind your truck! can you try and get a discount code for the intercooler??? can't wait to hear her purr! East Coast!”

“Lookin good my opinion on valve cover is wiping off cat, letters, cap and the small gaps/ valleys. Keeping illusion on the face. Keep it up bro can’t wait to see it rippin”

“Hey how about powder everything except the flat spot under the logo. I think it will Showcase the color a little more but make it pop.”

“Do you guys offer this for a 2004 1500 Silverado?”

The Development History of SPELAB-7
The Development History of SPELAB-8

User Feedback and Comments

Customer feedback is our driving force. Each review is a guide for us to optimize products and services. We appreciate every customer because they are not just our clients but also partners on our growth journey.

"ordered the kit for my ram and they sent the wrong one but quickly sent me the correct ones. I appreciate the good customer service and how quickly they worked to solve the issue. The new kit I received as a replacement seems to be excellent and great quality. The parts are good as any other I have seen or used in the past and at or less than half the cost."

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"Did not receive all the parts in the kit,Still have not received my exhaust pipe and muffler"

The Development History of SPELAB-10

“Fast shipping box came open no gaskets or instructions other wise good kit”

The Development History of SPELAB-11

We are continuously optimizing products and services, including product testing, transportation cooperation, shipment integrity, and product inventory. Every user's comment is the driving force for our improvement.

Events and Social Media

We are not just selling products; we are conveying passion. We actively engage in social media, regularly providing discount events, releasing new products, and even organizing product testing events. We invite both new and existing customers to follow our updates and learn about the latest information from SPELAB. On our social media pages, you can also share your opinions because we value each friend of SPELAB.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpelabAutoparts

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spelabautoparts

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@spelab8758

Medium: https://medium.com/@spelabautoparts


Or simply search for SPELAB on Google for more information.

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Contact Information and Feedback

SPELAB is not just a brand; it's a vibrant community. We need your feedback because it is crucial for continuously optimizing and improving products and services. We need your support because it is a vital way for us to promote the brand and make more car enthusiasts aware of us.

If you have purchased our products and want to provide feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

If you appreciate our products and are willing to promote our brand, whether through videos or content, we welcome your participation.

If you are a car enthusiast and have some experience to share, or want to become our partner, please contact us.

If you want to become an agent for our products, we also look forward to your participation.

If you have other collaboration ideas or just want to communicate with us, please feel free to contact us.

Learn more by checking out the SPELAB media kit.

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SPELAB media kit-2
SPELAB media kit-3
SPELAB media kit-4
SPELAB media kit-5
SPELAB media kit-6
SPELAB media kit-7
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Do not hesitate; email SPELAB, and we will respond as soon as possible. In this passionate journey, every step you take is our driving force forward.

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