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3 Things To Check Before Winter Family Vacation

Now it is the winter time, many of you may choose to go for a long-distance family vacation.

Today we want to talk about 3 thing that must be checked of your car before trip.

3 Things To Check Before Winter Family Vacation

1. The fluids

Vehicle fluids include car oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, antifreeze, bath of glass and so on. Oil is usually replaced regularly according to the vehicle maintenance mileage, brake fluid. Steering power oil and antifreeze generally replace after it being used 3 years or 60,000 km. Bath of glass could be refresh  according to the daily use.

3 things to check before winter family vacation

When check the vehicle oil, observe the amount consumption, if the monitor has prompted the need to replace the oil or driving mileage is close to the maintenance mileage, it is recommended to go to the 4S store in time for replacement. Oil for the car, just like the blood in the human body, to play a role of lubricating, cleaning, cooling, sealing and wear reduction of the engine.

Look the level of brake fluid. Basically, it will keeps between the Min and Max. In addition of that, we need to observe the color of that. The color of fresh fluid is generally light yellow, if it becomes dark or black, even if the vehicle has not been driven to 3 years or 60,000 km, it is recommended that the owner replace it.

The antifreeze should also be replaced with a special antifreeze of the appropriate temperature during winter. And if water has been added to the antifreeze in the summer, it is recommended to be replaced.


2. Vehicle lights

It is very important to check all the lights on your car, especially the front and rear fog lights which are usually not used much, they will help you get a better view in the cold and snowy winter.

3 things to check before winter family vacation


3. Vehicle tires

Check whether the tread of the four tires are excessively worn or abnormally worn, and check the tire sidewalls to see if there are bulges and other conditions. If you find there are any of these problems, it is suggested to replace them. Generally, sedan, SUV and MPV models should control the tire pressure at 2.2-2.4 kg.In winter, aging and cracks will bring more trouble.

3 things to check before winter family vacation

Apart from the above routine checks, you also need to pay attention if you prepare vehicle spare tire (or tire repair tools), fire extinguishers, tripods, jacks, wrenches, traction hooks, reflective undershirts and other tools in order to deal with the various situations on your trips.

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