What is the carburetor ?

The carburetor is a mechanical device that mixes a certain proportion of gasoline with air under the action of the vacuum generated by the working of the engine. As a precise mechanical device, the carburetor uses the kinetic energy of the inhaled air flow to realize the atomization of gasoline. Its important role in the engine can be called the "heart" of the engine. The complete device should include starting device, idle speed device, medium load device, full load device and acceleration device. The carburetor will automatically proportion the corresponding concentration and output the corresponding amount of mixture according to the different working conditions of the engine. effect for the normal operation of the machine.


Working Principle

     It's hard to find a new car with a carburetor on the market today, but it has dominated for a long time. The principle of the carburetor is quite simple. It is a tube without any electronic control. The position of the pipe, as shown in the picture, is inserted on the intake pipe arm. One side is a small container for storing fuel, and the other side leads to the intake pipe. Through pure physical principles, the fuel in the small pipe can be automatically absorbed. into the intake pipe.


Carburetor Disadvantages

     Don't look at the carburetor's size, but with so many systems integrated inside, the structure becomes complicated. In order to ensure that the carburetor can work normally, regular maintenance of it is very important. The main disadvantage of using a carburetor is that the distribution of charge to the cylinder and the mixture is not ideal, which affects the improvement of the engine's power and economy, and is very unfavorable for meeting the emission requirements, so now the carburetor is completely replaced by EFI.


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