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Line Lock Installation Kit

This Installation kit contains most of the popular brass fittings and steel brake lines required when Installing any line lock brake holding device. It can be used on vehicles with brake systems that incorporate SAE thread components only. Due to a variety of different brake system combinations, some applications may require additional lengths of brake line or brass fittings to complete the installation.

NOTE: Not for use with metric brake line or metric threaded fittings.

1IMPORTANT! Refer to your line lock instructions for correct installation of the electric solenoid and connection of brake lines.

2. The electrical solenoid valve must be firmly mounted to prevent flexing of brake lines that could cause failures; an area such as the firewall is suggested, away from headers, exhaust pipes, steering and suspension components.

3. Determine which brake system your vehicle is equipped with. Select the correct conversion inverted flare adaptors, inverted flare plug and brake line.

IMPORTANT: If bending broke lines is necessary use a tubing bender to avoid kinking or crushing. Use a line fitting wrench when tightening fittings.

4. After fittings and brake lines are installed, bleed ell air out of system. Follow vehicle manufacturers brake bleeding procedures. Be sure to check all connections for leakage underpressure. THERE MUST BE NO LEAKAGE.

5. Before drMng vehicle, completely check the brake system for proper operation and be sure you have a good solid brake pedal. Test the line lock system several times to be sure that it operates correctly.

Kit Contents

  • 3/16" Inverted Female to 1/8" NPT Male Connector *
  • 1/4M Inverted Male to 3/16H Inverted Female Connector *1
  • 5116" Inverted Male to 3/16" Inverted Female Connector *1
  • 3116" Inverted Male to NPT 90 Elbow *2
  • 3/46" Inverted Female Union fee *1
  • 3/16" Inverted Female Union *2
  • 4/8" NPT Hex Head Plug *2
  • 3/16" Inverted Flare Plug *1
  • 1/4" Inverted Flare Plug *1
  • 5116" Inverted Flare Plug *1
  • 3/16M O.D. Steel Brake Line 12M Length *1
  • 3/16M O.D. Steel Brake Line 20" Length *2
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